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We’re In This Together!! Covid-19 Quarantine Check In


How are you? Have you adjusted to your new norms and figured out how to maintain your sanity yet? Doing a mic check here in case you’re struggling at all. Our blog is a safe place to comment, vent, or hopefully find some inspiration and encouragement.

For some this will be week two or three of social distancing, quarantining, and for some shelter in place. If you’re anything like me, an extrovert and a busy body; by now you’ve probably been out for fresh air a couple times. This weekend I found myself in the garden nursery at Home Depot where only one other customer was found, along with two employees. Realizing making a run for plants and other home items was not essential, it seemed harmless. But clearly something was wrong with the picture of a space being empty that would normally be crowded. Later that evening I did a mental mic check within myself. No more trips anywhere beyond food runs or walks for exercise is what I told myself. Besides working from home I’m doing my part to the best of my ability. So, now that I’ve put myself on time out from venturing out for anything non-essential; I’ve thought of a few other home projects to focus on. I have enough to do that won’t involve me visiting Home Depot or any other store that may still be remaining open. Admittedly this quarantine life isn’t as easy as I first thought it may be. It’s been allot to digest to say the least.


Mentally for those who live alone, in some moments it may feel like Tom Hanks on the movie Cast Away. If you saw the movie you know very well how important Wilson became to him. If you never saw it, now is a great time to watch it. Spoiler Alert: Wilson was a ball! Yes, a ball. Don’t worry, if you talk to your plants or even yourself randomly you’re perfectly ok. Some tips to help with living alone?? I thought you’d never ask!

-Create a new daily routine. If you’re working from home now totally, try to stick to your same wake up and bed times (thorn in my side). I’ve worked from home the majority of the time and or have had to be out attending site meetings for the past 10 years now, so for me this isn’t a new concept. Good sleep habits, a working progress for many of us. Getting adequate sleep helps maintain healthy weight, stress management, and overall productivity. Better sleep has been on my goals list for sure. I told you, we’re in this together.

A recent health article lists 10 reasons why good sleep in more important than some may think:

-Listen to positive messaging, daily if possible. For me this consists of spiritual sermons and podcasts on topics I love; design (of course), women empowerment topics, etc. Listening to music is also healing for our minds & souls. We have to be intentional about filtering what we allow into our minds. Lord know it’s enough on CNN, the news, and social media to stress us out. So keep the positive vibes flowing.

-Work on a home DIY project, purge old items, and I’m sure you’ve seen an influx of spring cleaning tips shared by my fellow designer friends. Not a DIYer? Most of us in the industry offer free discovery calls, which is the step that typically precedes a consultation. Schedule one for help or some sense of guidance. Virtual consultations and E-Design are both also on an all time demand option. Either way, I’m sure it’s some pile of sticky reminders or a list that exists that you could work on. If not, now is a great time to make one.

As for me. I have lots of purging and a couple of small home projects in progress, but what else is new? This upcoming week I thought I’d be blogging about the One Room Challenge (ORC) and revealing my full design concept. Respectively, the official start has been postponed to May 7th tentatively. Instead, I shared a detail sneak peek last week. In case you missed it there’s an ORC Highlight on the Instagram page that has all the story shares.

-Lastly, FaceTime or video chat with friends and family daily. We were created with an innate need for touch/affection. Going for long periods of time without any can definitely wear on you over time. Seeing love ones on video reaches in mentally a bit deeper than a phone call, and it certainly wins over texting everyone to death.

For those who have a house full, first of all you’re blessed. Secondly, it’s amazing you all have each other daily to just be present. Lastly; I’m sure you’ve played games, tried new activities, or just out right gotten on each other’s last nerve by now. Nonetheless, check in on each other. Very often we think each other are doing ok, and very often we are not. Actually do mental check ins in one off conversations, as well as all together. For me, this includes my college daughter who’s having to finish out her senior year online this semester and my fiancé who still has to go to work daily; neither of which are dwelling here with me every day. It’s safe to say while the majority of my home life is solo, I have a bit of both worlds going on. I have no complaints, although I‘ve had puppy fever more than ever lately. Haven’t had a dog in about 9 years. They’re fun loving pets but work. Pray for me on this one saints.


To spite how things look and how they actually are in the world right now, I’m faithful this too shall pass. As a human race we have the highest levels of intelligence around us. Above that God has us all in His hands. If you’ve never been a strong believer now is the time to become one. Be strong and know that God is our protection in troubled times. Have there been and will there be casualties? Yes, because that is what happens in times of war. We, as a human race are literally at war with Covid-19. I’m going to stand on faith and believe overall we will be victorious. Until then my friends, we’re in this together.

For encouragement if needed, here here’s one of my favorite scriptires:

Feel free to sign in for commentary, I promise there will be no spam emails within this tribe!!

“I will say of the Lord, He is my refuge and my fortress: my God; in him will I trust.” -Bible

XOXO Kelly

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