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Spring Fever For Home Sellers and Home Buyers


So we survived February, which felt like January on repeat a bit for me. Nonetheless it was great to celebrate black history month, our one year business anniversary, and our second published feature; click here if you missed it:

I also shared some a few details about our upcoming One Room Challenge project. See posts for more and more coming to the blog about that soon. Who else is now ready for Spring?!

My favorite thing about Spring is getting more daylight and nicer weather. This is the time of year most are digging into Spring cleaning, refreshing and redecorating at home, selling homes, and or buying homes. As home owner, design business owner, and Realtor I’m excited about all of the above for obvious reasons.

When I began blogging I announced that I would be focusing on three topics; interior design, lifestyle, and real estate. I chose this month to share real estate insight. I thought kicking off the first month of Spring would be perfect timing for me to share a few tips for homeowners planning to prep their home for selling, as wells as for buyers preparing to hit the market searching for new a home.


Most Realtors will agree that the Spring is a great time to sell in just about all states. If you’re in the process of preparing there are a few things you’ll want to consider. Don’t fret, nor be overwhelmed as the process isn’t nearly as daunting as some may think. The following tips should help you prepare and bring in offers quickly!

Declutter and Purge- Prospective buyers like to see space to envision their own items in your current space. This will also make life easier when it’s time to pack your boxes.

Fresh Paint- Touch ups on high traffic walls, around light switches, trash can walls, etc will freshen things up. If you have chipped paint around wood trim inside or outside take time to address this. FHA buyer inspectors have been known for being particularly concerned about chipping paint. It’s also best for aesthetics and curb appeal.

Pets- It’s a good idea to have pets secured for showings, especially if a lockbox will be used. This is your pet’s safety and prospective buyer consideration.

Let Your Realtor Show- If you plan to be home for showings, it’s a good idea to relax in a designated area or step outside while your buyers walk through. No need to try to help sell, but it’s perfectly fine to lend insight to any questions if needed.

Ready, Set, List- Give carful thought to items you may want to leave behind and include or exclude from the sale. Light fixtures you don’t plan to reuse, TV mounts, washer & dryers, etc may all be a new buyers dream come true; as well as more reason to contact us to help design your next home! (Wink)


Having been a home buyer three times, I have learned lessons each time! This first experience is what prompted me to want to become a Realtor. The second and third, well let’s just say growth has been noted after both transactions. This blog may not be adequate to cover the multitude of tips I could share. I’ll be working on something special for those of you fitting into this category soon. Until then here a few I think will be helpful.

Pre Approval- But first, know your mortgage worth! This will help you avoid frustration on a few levels. For one, it’s wise to know you’re really financially ready. Two, you want to shop homes you know you can realistically afford (book mark this point). And three, you’d be heartbroken if you found your dream home only to have a seller take another buyer offer over yours; simply because you have no pre-approval letter to provide. Can we show you homes without this? Yes. Is it wise? Not so much as per all of the above. The process will just be a smoother and happier one. A pre-approval will be your super power.

Wish List- Take time prior to engaging a Realtor to make your wish list. Must haves for one category and preferred items for your secondary list. Also, narrow down your desired areas of choice. This will help your Realtor best search for exactly what you want.

Patience- Patience is more than a virtue in this case. Not sure about all states, but PA is currently what we call a ‘seller’s market’. This means inventory is limited for buyers, and pricing is higher due to the demand. Like all things, balance will come around. Until then just know the perfect seller situation awaits you with a little patience and allot of faith! Personally, I can attest to this from my last purchase going on three years ago.

Timing- For reasoning listed above, make sure you allow yourself adequate time to find your home. If you’re selling one in this process, have your Realtor include an addendum that states you must find a new home before committing to settlement date. If you’re a renter, don’t give notice to move until you have an offer accepted. I’ve been in both situations. Each worked out just fine, so relax knowing yours will too.

Ready, Set, List- Enjoy and trust the process. Much like we say in the interior design industry, it’s a process. Each step will take time for the best desired outcome. As we encourage clients to trust the Designer, trust your Realtor. Lastly for everyone, do your research. Below is a quick head start from to gain some further insight about 2020 specifically:


So, I’ve married my two life long passions under one business umbrella. Although I’m operating under the brokerage of Keller Williams, it is my Plot Twist Home brand that houses my Real Estate services. Soon enough I will be offering additional services beyond assisting sellers and buyers. Until then there will be more blog posts on various Real Estate topics as they relate to Interiors and Lifestyle. Share your thoughts/experiences with us in comments or email to let me know if you have a specific topic you’d like to see more on. “For we walk by faith and not sight” -Bible

XOXO Kelly

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