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Q3 | Design For Wellness

5 Ways Interior Design Can Improve Wellness

(A boutique hotel in center city Philly)

On the blog post for Q2 a few tips were shared for creating well designed spaces. Rewinding it back to reflect and share a few ways interior design has been proven to have positive impacts in our mental health and improve productivity. Colors, natural elements, use of scents and more all contribute to our mental state of mind. Shared previously, I fell in love with shades of lighter pink last year during the competition of my neice's bedroom, and I literally smile feeling happy every time I'm wearing the color. Note in the photo below: the paint & decor colors are blues, yellows, gold tones, etc. Reflecting on that day, I recall that every suite was adorned in layers of everything this blog is about. Although this is a hotel, all of the same thoughtful design can be created at home.

The Right Colors

There is no such thing as using the "right" colors in design overall, however there was a whole class on color theory in design courses for good reason. For example, using blues and greens promotes calmness to our nervous system, lowering stress, and reducing high blood pressure. Having taken time off for the entire summer, the more time I spent at home where plants are in almost every room and walking in and out of a totally green mudroom I can attest to the noticeable difference in my own well being. Other colors I've blogged about in the past that are calming and known for being "happy colors" are shades of lavender, yellow, and pink. Surprisingly, whites can be calming too. Warm white paint colors such as Sherwin Williams's Origami; my favorite white which was used throughout my entire home this year. Try it out & thank me later. Need color on the walls? Check out the 2024 color trends in this article found by House Beautiful.

Organization vs Organized Chaos

Both options are better than total chaos and clutter. Most of us already know that dwelling in clutter is a good tell of what our mind looks or feels like. Feeling overwhelmed or anxious? Take a look around your home or office. My only tip for this today is to purge every season (winter, spring, summer, & fall). In addition if you're busy, hire a cleaning service. My cleaning lady has been the biggest flex with juggling all the things I have been for almost five years now.

Infuse Natural Elements

If you are a regular reader and follower here you already know the vibes with fresh flowers & plants.

If you don't like either of these, faux plants are often passing for authentic plants these days. Sharing one of my favorites used in past projects here found on Amazon. Bringing outdoors in has been trending, especially since the onset of the pandemic. Beyond greenery, consider incorporating elements like wood, marble, or wallpaper with florals/trees in the print design (on trend right now).

Cozy Is the New Luxury

As much as I'm not a fan of recliner chairs aka motion furniture, such furnishings serve their purposes. Not into them either? That's probably why we're bffs!

Alternatively, oversized chairs and sectionals, throw blankets, and all things texture give all the comforts home should include. If you work at home, comfy ergonomic appropriate office chairs matter too.

For those who love total mod and minimalist design aesthetics, there is an element of comfort for you too my friend. I'm leaning more into this aesthetic at more slowly but surely. My fix for this has been infused into my bedroom. From the bedding to the rug and other linens. We can have an entire home furnished and styled minimally, but please do splurge on the bedding in the most maximal way. I mean do the most, simply because you deserve it. Your mind and body will feel amazing, daily. Soon I'll share more links with some of my favorites & go to brands for home. Bedding is bae! We spend an average of 30% or more of our lifetime sleeping, so selecting the right sheets for yourself can actually improve your quality of sleep.

Bring The Spa Home

Having discovered my love for bath design over the past couple of years I noticed one common thread among our client requests; spa vibes. They've all expressed a need or want to have tranquil bathroom aesthetic, aside from the need for renovation to level up home. Whether you're a DIYer or a prospective client there are a few tips you can consider to create a spa-like bathroom at home until you're ready to call us (wink):

-All white everything with the towels and wash cloths. It's a reason why hotels and actual spas typically use white towels. Reader's Digest published an interesting article including well known hotel brands on why they use white linens. The main reason is cleanliness, then the second in my own readings has been luxury being associated with white. The robes, sheets, slippers etc. Back to bathrooms, white towels for the win.

-Add plants. I know. You knew this was coming! The facts are the facts. Plants equals instant tranquility.

-Scented room diffusers, candles, soaps, and all the things that smell amazing add to the experience we often have when visiting spas. Relaxing smells to name a few are lavender, eucalyptus, and amber. My latest favorite scented candle in heavy rotation is ARHAUS' signature candle in Sandlewood Leaf & Tabacco. It's super gender neutral and a welcomed break from my usual goto sweeter scents.

All of these factors discussed don't come easy or top of mind to everyone. The more time you spend in your home on a daily basis, you will realize what's missing or needed sooner or later. If you cannot figure it out, I would be thrilled to help you achieve dwelling healthier & happier.

Q4 is well underway now, so until the end of year blog post let's stay in touch on Instagram!

xx, Your Design Bestie

“By wisdom a house is built, and by understanding it is established; by knowledge the rooms are filled with all precious and pleasant riches.” -Bible

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