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Q2 | Well Designed Spaces

Updated: Jul 9

5 Ways To Create Well Designed Spaces

1 Create a Mood Board & Color Palette

How? The best way for you to do so is to use a Pinterest board, power point, or a simple notepad in your phone. Copy links and photos from online to save furnishings you love. Images and art work are great for setting the mood for a room. Take a look at paint colors, and test the colors you like.

*Paint pro tip- paint looks different at night with lights on than it does during the day. Testing with a quart of paint may be worthwhile. There are also different types of finishes to consider for the aesthetic you want and the type of walls that are to be painted. For example, rough or semi-smooth walls would probably look best with a matte finish (low to no sheen).

2 Measure, Then Measure Again

You need to consider the width and length of a room to get the total square footage. This will help determine best sizes for the larger furniture like beds, sofas, sectionals, etc.

Measure the doorways to be sure the furniture will fit into the house and the specific room you're planning to furnish. Decide how much functional open space is needed. Ask yourself what will you be doing in the space. All living rooms do not serve the same purpose. TV, or no TV? Child friendly or lounging lovers. Space and function both matter.

3 Aesthetics, Define Your Style

Determine the end goal at the beginning. How do you want the room to look? Well designed aesthetics can be relative to the person. Your taste is what matters most. Mixing aesthetic styles is also a thing. If you love modern style furniture, you can incorporate an antique piece or a traditional area rug. In fact, we intentionally will mix it up. It makes the space interesting most times. Not sure what your style is? Explore online or visit a few furniture stores. What you already have should not determine what you purchase next. We grow over time, so our tastes will usually evolve.

4 Level Up The Styling

Don't just decorate, curate the decor. Every décor product doesn't need to come from one place. Homegoods is a nice option mainly for affordability but also there are a plethora of brands being sold there. Don't stop there. Go online to explore new brands. Instgram is not always your best bar, because design pros don't typically share sources they've used for client projects. However, Instagram and Pinterest are great platforms for inspiration. Another way to next level home is to go custom with your window treatments. You can hire a designer for consulting for this or use retailers online like Select Blinds. Lastly, use the "rule" of three for styling tables and shelves. For example, as shown on the coffee table flat lay view in the photo at the top of the post. There are at least three accessories and or books combined. Fresh flowers for the cherry on top. (wink)

5 Pattern Play & Textures

I've shared this in a previous blog and on Instagram several times, because it's in my design DNA at this point to intentionally incorporate more than one pattern and texture in a room. It's often unexpected and creates a layering to the furniture. I love to layer the sofas with pillows and throws, but I also understand that's not for everyone. Rug layering is one of my favorite ways to make a room more interesting. Again, it's not for everyone or every room. Whatever you decide to do, stay true to your own style and take your time. Most of all, have fun.

For more occasional tip sharing and to catch up on things missed from Q2, be sure to follow on Instagram. For the next quarter I'll be sharing about design trends as we'll be preparing for fall "What's New and What's Next" in NYC and Fall market in High Point, NC. Both events are equivalent to fashion week for the interior design industry!


Kelly Collier-Clark

'God can do all things but fail' - The Living Word

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