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Post Quarantine Behind the Scenes; Work/Life Balancing


Do you struggle with giving yourself a break?

I certainly do, and COVID taught me that if you live long enough there will be circumstances that force you into a time out. Somehow, I failed to really seize the moment during quarantine. Although I enjoyed some amazing Netflix binging and snacking, I still kept going. Working from home has always been my norm (90% of the time prior to COVID), so that was no major culture corporate shock. To combat cabin fever I participated in the One Room Challenge blogging weekly and posting my heart out about that among my usual Instagram flow. E-Design projects came back to back, then before I knew it the Real Estate Commissioner fought to make us Realtors essential. That gave me the green light to find one of my clients their forever home all while the demo was soon to start on a full on RENO/Real Estate project. If you’ve been following, you may know by now that since the world has reopened Plot Twist Design has been carrying a full roster of multiple design and real estate clients.

Through conversations with design friends and co-workers in my corporate life, I know I’m not alone. Many have agreed that the influx of business is a blessing but exhausting. Suddenly the whole world has had an awakening to get things done that were on pause all winter into spring. Also, there’s an underlying fear and urgency now to beat the next wave of a possible second bout of quarantine for the upcoming flu season.

I’ve shared all these updates to say, the time off from blogging was the one area I did give myself permission to take a break. During that time I took a poll in IG stories for the next blog topic, and voters were heavy on the lifestyle category. That said, I chose to open up sharing about my busy lifestyle and all that I’ve been up to. Why?? To help illustrate a few points of reference. First and foremost give yourself a time out, especially when you’re operating on all cylinders for 10-12hrs daily (note to self as well). But how?? There are a few ways, a few in which I’ve decided to implement.


Talking all day on Skypes, calls, zooms, IG stories, and with family everyday is definitely taxing on the vocals. Taking time out to just be quiet and be still is one thing I have on my list to be intentional about doing more of. Setting boundaries for work cut off times and social phone calls that can take up some of that much needed ‘me time’ we need is also important. Turning the volume down is next on the list. This means watching less and scrolling less. With the current climate we’re living in, while it’s necessary to stay informed; we don’t have to be submerged in it all. Showing up to post for our feeds, sharing in stories, and taking time to engage on other’s feeds takes time. But that can very easily turn into mindless hours if we don’t monitor or set blocks of time in the area.


Contradictory? Not if it means doing more for yourself personally. More resting, more fun, more therapeutic, and even more of nothing!! I think you get the point. Do more of whatever makes you happy, what relieves some of the stress you’re carrying, and ultimately what will enable you to be your best version of you. What’s happening behind the scenes is more important than what’s being posted on the gram. For me, full transparency means sharing that my train tracks needed to be realigned! Still fine tuning this journey of mine, and it must include more, starting with more rest. Being consistent doesn’t have to mean work until you pass out. Consistency will remain, but the frequency is where the fine tuning has been needed. What does this look like for Plot Twist Design? It looks like balancing the design and real estate entities differently going into the 4th quarter of 2020. The 3rd quarter is booked solid and commitments planned. Q4 is just about booked besides E-Designs. For the blog, the frequency will shift back to once a month, maybe more when a special post hits my spirit (wink). And for the podcast, the goal is to release episodes twice a month. Episode 7 loading soon!


Simply put, choose what is worthy of your time, thoughts, responses, and energy. Especially the negative and mood altering impacts. You know those IG pages that your really should just unfollow! The overkill in politics and bad news That could stand to be muted for a couple of days. It’s nothing wrong with detoxing your social feed!!

And what about the phone calls that you know will be draining or just not going to serve you well? It’s ok to let them goto voicemail until you’re in the headspace to entertain them. Or not! If you’re anything like me, you can easily take on obligation based on the needs of others. BUT, this season came to teach us. The obligation needs to be yourself first. This also means a shift may have to take place in how accessible you are. I’ll let that sink in. Because for me it took a while.


Now that I’ve shared my latest and thoughts; ask yourself what does doing more, saying less, or taking a time out look like for you? How are you balancing all that’s on your plate? Doing what we love shouldn’t feel like work. When it does, there’s some fine tuning needed. Schedule the spa day, have a little retail therapy, rearrange your decor, or simply take time off. Listen to your body, honor your time, and protect your energy. I’ve shared a few links below that may be helpful for balancing it all, if there is such a thing!! (Wink)

Work Life Balance for Entrepreneurs

Ask The Entrepreneurs: 16 Ways to Master Your Work-Life Balance as an Entrepreneur

Until the next blog post, feel free to share some of your work/ life balance and stress management strategies. We’re all on this journey together!

“But they that wait upon the LORD shall renewtheirstrength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary;andthey shall walk, and not faint.” -Bible
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