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One Week Challenge Week Three

Powder Room Level Up turned RENO

Welcome back to week three!

We are halfway through this challenge, and I’ve mentioned on the Instagram feed a couple of game time decisions have now been made. If you recall from last week, I needed to get estimates and weigh out options between the vanity I wanted most (newly added to the mood board party) and its runner up.

*Note to my design friends and future clients: Major difference with this project compared to my Spring ORC project: This design phase took 3 weeks to complete, which is typical. Hence, the mood board was kept for my main feed and blog posts showing no change in week two but the approved sink & tile updated this week. Design phase for Spring was just as intense but not captured in real time completely due to the delayed official start impacted by COVID. I’d be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge this. Because like we all say in the industry; good design takes time. All this to say...the research, measuring, getting trade bids, measuring again, strategic planning for scheduling the work, sourcing, need I go on?? It takes time that both designers and clients deserve for best outcome!

Exhales. SO, to spite the need to have pipes relocated, more work, more expense, adding a round shaped toilet to compensate for code spacing; I decided to go with the vanity I wanted most!! Another gem I’ll spare the breakdown on (Wink). My second choice can be viewed with this link:

The green gives an amazing pop of color, so that may end up in my main bathroom some time soon (don’t judge me, this gets addictive). But for the aesthetic I want to achieve, it was no comparison overall.

This Carrara marble and brushed brass console sink by Kingston Kitchen & Bath just gives me life. Equally on trend as it is timeless! It will definitely be a supporting star in the room with the new flooring.

About the new flooring! This decision wasn’t as difficult to make but still given careful thought. I knew black marble design was the plan, however porcelain vs authentic marble were my options. The Black Marquina Polished Marble tile by The Tile Shop won hands down. While marble will require a little more attention, the shine and natural veins are unmatched. Also, smaller spaces with less traffic can stand marble with much less fuss.

The other key factor is that we don’t wear shoes in my home. So that alliviates me having to clutch pearls when guests need to use the powder room (dramatics). Lifestyle plays a big part in making design decision! Photos do these tiles no justice. Here’s a peek at the sample I brought home.

The Tile Shop did not disappoint with so many gorgeous selections to choose from. I shared footage from my visit to the store this week on my Instagram page, saved in the ORC highlight. If you’re new to following this week here, The Tile Shop is collaborating with me for this beautiful flooring. Totally an amazing perk in this project. Although I’m not doing this as a 100% DIY project, I will be helping so I can learn. They have me covered with everything ordered that I need from black grout to the sealant! In the next photos I’m sharing some of the other black marble tile selections spotted in the store and visual difference in person between authentic marble vs. marble design porcelain tiles. Sourcing online is no bueno for this clear details.

Black Authentic Marble

Black Marble Designed Porcelain

What’s next?! Glad you asked, because it’s still allot left to do. The new toilet discussed in last week’s blog and the sink gets picked up within the next few days. Then the work starts end of next week and a little more sourcing to do for styling. Here’s a look at my task list, hold me accountable and send prayers & coffee!!!

Week 1-3

Tasks + Orders Completed

Design Development✔️

Preliminary Moodboard✔️

Updated Moodboard✔️


Light Fixture✔️

Toilet + Parts✔️

Sink + Parts✔️

Week 4

Final Rendering Review

Order Styling Items

(Mirror, Window Shade, Accessories)

Weeks 5 & 6

Floor Removal

Pipe Relocation

New Floor Install

Wallpaper Install Styling


Until next week’s updates, be sure to check out all of my fellow guest participants and featured designee projects on the ORC Blog.

The One Room Challenge is hosted by Linda Weinstein of Calling It Home. Media partner to the challenge is Better Home and Gardens.

As always, sharing a positive word:

And Jesus said unto them, Because of your unbelief: for verily I say unto you, If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you. -Bible

Stay safe and well!

-Kelly XOXO

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