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One Room Challenge Week Two

“The details are not the details. They make the design”. -Charles Eames


For week two I’m excited to report great progress has been made. Shared on Instagram since last week; sponsor partner is approved for lighting, I have two floor layout options planned out, and I had a quick meeting with my contractor who’s assisting with restoring the structural foundation of the bedroom. This work includes wall repairs throughout the room and inside the closet, as well as the original hardwood flooring. While this work is expected to be underway this week, I’m now in the process of selecting paint and wallpaper with fingers crossed for a sponsor partner for one (both would be a flex). Sharing preliminary floor plans I’ve created to have for reference; added visual aids to use with photos and notes.


Blush pink has been identified as the primary color, per Princess Raegan’s request. So, I’ve given myself the deadline of this weekend to commit to a shade of blush. Because with color for me, in every project, comes commitment issues. Since I plan to use other colors she favors a lighter shade of pink like blush is the goal. Colors being considered neutral is common and on trend nowadays, so I’m not overly concerned with mixing it up with compliments of lighter shades of blue, green, and yellow. Pro Tip: Bedrooms should have tranquil, happy colors. It’s a fact that such colors promote mental wellness and happiness, while calming anxiety and stress. This is the thoughtful part of design that reaches beyond aesthetics and pretty pillows.


Once the floor plans were plotted, the furniture sourced was ordered quickly. Whether you’re in the design industry or not; everyone knows impacts with back orders and delivery lag times are still existing. The bed was ordered at the start of design phase for two reasons. It’s the most important piece of furniture on the list and to avoid any delays. Smaller space planning also required storage to be of importance. More to come about the solutions for this. Until next week I’ll be managing the work and getting the details on decor selections completed. And the commitment to the paint color!

If you’re here for the first time, welcome. The ORC creation by Linda Weinstein of Calling It Home , and it happens twice annually in Spring and Fall. Guest and Featured participants are given 8 weeks to transform a space. The community of designers and DIY lovers that share their projects makes the process fun when in many cases design projects are not. It’s also for me, therapeutic and a way to share the outcome of what having full creative control looks like. During quarantine I completed my first ORC project. By fall the I was on my second. I can’t explain the thrill, but I’m enjoying this third round.

For this Spring the official media partner is Apartment Therapy. You can find my weekly blogs posted here and on the main ORC Blog, along with all the other participants. It’s an honor to share on this platform. Until next week, as always ending with a positive word.

Faith without work, is dead. -Bible

XO Kelly

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