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One Room Challenge Week Three

The Plot Thickens…


Shared on Instagram this week, we received confirmation of sponsorship for the lighting selection in partnership with Alora Lighting. This beautiful light fixture is definitely the star player here. And while sourcing I knew I had two options; a white ceiling fan or a light fixture bringing some drama. Oscar is doing just that already on the mood board. It’s such a perfect balance of just enough gold added to make a statement. The best part in addition to receiving sponsorship is that what I wanted was in stock and shipped super fast. Kudos to Alora for an exceptional experience.

A closer look Oscar. Oscar is the name of the collection, which in total includes three pendant options and two wall sconces currently available. For those interested, I should mention that all the options are available in black and white. For this project white was a no brainer. What I love most about this lighting is the unique tear drop shaped shades. It’s trendy and classic, effortlessly!


Also new this week, a different area rug selection and sharing a view the drapery selection. In design development it’s not uncommon for me to alter my original vision. If one detail changes, other decor planned typically will have to be changed as well. Why??

So glad you asked. All the supporting characters have to work well together when curating a space. While shades of blush and light blue are the primary colors in the color palette, the details were a little too heavy on the pink. Once the blush rug arrived I wasn’t pleased with the quality or the shade of pink. If you missed it, you’ll find a glimpse of it on last week’s blog post photo. And just like that…it’s being returned and the new selection will be picked up this weekend. I’m in love with it online. Fingers crossed I feel the same when I see it in real life. Sources for decor will be shared after reveal except for sponsored products and sneak peaks in Instagram stories.


I’m amazed at how much I love pink this year. And more amazed at how many shades there are to choose from, the number of whites with hints of pink, and the parade of corals that lean on the blush side of the color wheel. That said, I decided to use two instead of one. Then something magical happened. We received sponsorship for another item, giving me reason to test the final two colors in case one alone will actually work best. More to come next week on the second sponsor for the project. Until then I‘ll be sharing updates and sneak peeks in the Instagram stories. LOGISTICS

There are so many moving parts for such a small space. Like most design projects in older homes, it was some foundational updating needed. The floor has been refinished since last week. Over the next week all of the work needed for the walls and painting should be completed. There is also one more item to be assembled and a few more deliveries coming. Don’t forget to check out the other One Room Challenge (ORC) guest participant‘s project over the ORC Blog. In case you’re just reading about this challenge for the first time, it is a major event hosted two times annually by Linda Weinstein of Calling It Home. This season’s official media sponsor is Apartment Therapy. See you soon in stories and here next week! ‘The race isn’t given unto the swift, but to the one who endures till the end’. -living word

-xx Kelly

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