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One Room Challenge Week Six

The Lighting Is Up… EEK!!!


Welcome to week six. If you’re returning this week for updates, welcome back! Taking a moment to discuss the thoughts behind the lighting selection and why it’s truly the star of the room; as I believe in most cases lighting should be the star. It’s all about creating the mood with ambient lighting for me. While I could’ve easily used a nice white ceiling fan or a more subtle option, why would I do that?! I mean, a girl needs a wow factor in her bedroom decor right?!

Thanks to the sponsorship by Alora Lighting, the Oscar light fixture gave every bit of extra i was looking for. I absolutely love everything about this. I didn’t want a chandelier or anything glam. The aesthetic style is modern boho. Arguably this lighting is considered more mid-century•ish but heavier on the modern luxe to me. Side note- Go with what you love. We mix design styles all the time, and who is clocking us?! Staying on topic… The design is perfect for the aesthetics I wanted to achieve here and the size of the room. Layering it with the medallion added a rich layer of texture to the painted ceiling. Although, Oscar needed no assistance with drama. The best description for the ceiling and medallion concept would be muted contrast. Hopefully this makes sense to you. Next, let’s get into a quick story that almost brought this project to a screeching halt!


I don’t proclaim to be a genius but truly believe I can do just about anything myself with clear directions and tools needed. Changing out light fixtures is definitely doable as a small DIY project, however I would not recommend it in an old home that has old wiring. Miguel is a jack of many trades, professionally licensed, and has worked with our team since the start. In fact he has completed paint and various electrical tasks; as well as other contractor work for me personally before the business started. So, when he told me he probably wouldn’t change the lighting I knew this might not happen. BUT.

I called in my electrical experts; my husband and our go to licensed electrician. My husband is not the man for home repairs or nobody’s DIY projects, however the man can build a whole vehicle transmission and rebuild engines effortlessly. Plus once he installed the lights for my last two ORC projects at home and our ceiling fan, that was adequate proof enough. They all still work. (Ha!!) Back to the install in jeopardy… The issue Miguel yielded at was the old wires appearing frayed and weak. In some cases the recommendation would’ve been a rewiring job. That would mean opening the ceiling and the wall by the light switch. Costly. Thankfully, some testing and securing to reinforce the older wires gave Miguel the green light to finish the job. Oh, my husband was on standby knowing if he didn’t see this through he would be subjected to my dramatics. Worried me, for an hour or so it felt like waiting for a surgery to be over. One last view of Oscar until reveal. Totally worth the efforts.


As promised last week (or the week before but who’s counting), let’s dig into the space planning and the floor layout before we wrap up. Below are the two layout options I sourced via Pinterest and Google University. While I don’t use Pinterest too often there are times like these where my mind needs visual INSPO. It’s not like I had many choices, but I decided the bed would best to be parallel with the two front windows, in front of the radiator. Not my favorite detail in the room. Again, this was my Mother’s bedroom when she was my niece’s age. Nothing we could do about it for this small RENO. Once I established the layout with paint tape all over the place I needed to see just how crazy it may look. Boom. Not crazy at all. See options below that look pretty nice.



Both options are the same concept. Clearly Option B has more furniture in the room, which is most similar to my concept (minus the toys). This kid plays on her iPhone and iPad. Going on 10 next month but academically smart beyond her time. That said, toys were not part of the space and storage planning. Clothing storage was the focus. Mission accomplished with this layout, because it allotted for space to add a dresser chest of 5 large drawers. If you missed the sneak peek of the dresser shared in an IG reel, click here for a looksy. I also added drawers under the bed, which was an option very much worth option in on. The bedroom furniture will be shared at reveal. Bookmark this topic here with the small details shared. This last photo is for arial perspective. The reality of the small space squad can do in small spaces. The photos above for layout INSPO were found using my specs in the floor plan rendering below. Mission accomplished.


Over this next week there is very little work left to do and about 4 to 6 stores that returns need to be taken back to. My very least favorite part of projects. Nonetheless, it’s better to always plan to over purchase over being under prepared for install and styling a room. Beyond this and a small punch list, professional photos are happening next. We are in the home stretch with just two weeks left to go until final reveal.

Prayers up for my fellow participants to finish timely as well. Be sure to check out their amazing project progress on the main ORC Blog. Sending hugs to Linda Weinstein for hosting this huge industry event all these years, and shout out to this season’s media parter, Apartment Therapy! See you here next week!!

“The race is not given to the swift, but unto the one who endures till the end”. -Bible

P.S. Stay well, Stay safe, and Stay inspired.

-XO Kelly

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