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One Room Challenge Week Seven

Updated: May 22, 2022



Week seven is just about a wrap with the project being completed and photoshoot done. As much as I wished for more time to adjust, add, and tweak a few things; my deadline behind the scenes was a bit shorter than the whole eight weeks of the ORC to accommodate the move in date my brother set. If you’re new to the blog and haven’t been following, this project was a labor of love for my youngest niece, Raegan. Overall it wasn’t an easy lift, but thankfully sponsorship helped make the space extra special. The details make the design in the end. I want to reflect on a few details that made a huge difference in my original plan.

For starters, the wallpaper mural that was gifted by Minted gave a nice layer of an array of blush shades to the pink color palette. Minted and I are so excited about the partnership for this project. We have a special code for all new customers to use to save 10% off your purchase! If you’re searching for unique wallpaper, wall art, or other home decor check our their website and enjoy the savings with code: PLOTTWIST10

A look back at the amazing children’s mural selected for this project paired with Angelic by Sherwin Williams.

About the lighting. The light fixture gifted to us from Alora Lighting was the perfect detail to complete the room. It’s truly the star in the space adding a perfect pop of gold and white to the ceiling. The angle shown below captures the white hood of the lamps to get a better appreciation for the contrast. This is an amazing budget friendly light fixture also available in black and gold, as well as a similar wall sconce option. Truly a gem.

Other details shared that I love and have shared include the monogram hangers found at Homegoods, the owl shaped basket sourced at Pottery Barn Kids, and the gold and white flower knobs added to the dresser sourced at Anthropologie. The knobs were a quintessential detail for an IKEA hack to the Malm dresser drawers. Thank me later for these sources shared if you’re in need of ideas. All of these companies have a plethora of home decor and furnishings for sustainable products and they’re all budget conscious; depending on what the project budget may be. I will share my budget goals and actual spend next week.

Back to the Malm dresser… There was an opportunity to add feet to the dresser as well. I opted out once I decided to purchase the 4 drawer option instead of the 3 drawer. When designing for children the height of dressers and other furniture has to be considered. Also, if the room is small there’s storage to consider. An extra drawer and beautiful knobs added, totally more beneficial than feet being added. The style of the knobs also gives instant custom, girly girl vibes. My niece is an absolute girly girl!


We had two family reveals that still have my heart full. Although my brother and sister-in-law had glimpses of the room during my work, nothing compared to seeing the fully executed project. I’ve had a few clients tell me this same thing. On the Instagram feed there’s a reel that shares their voices expressing their reactions. The second reveal happened the same day after Raegan’s school day ended. Both reveals were memorable moments I’ll always cherish. Being in position to make such a difference through my gift in doing what I love to do, being trusted with full creative freedom; both priceless. My niece absolutely loved her new room. Clips of that may be shared in week eight after the reveal is posted. Stay tuned!

Until next week…Be sure to check out their amazing project progress on the main ORC Blog. Sending hugs to Linda Weinstein for hosting this huge industry event all these years, and shout out to this season’s media parter, Apartment Therapy. As always, ending with a positive word!!

“Do everything in submit to such as these and to everyone who joins in the work, and labors at it.” -Bible

XO, Kelly

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