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One Room Challenge Week One

Powder Room Level Up


Welcome back to the blog! I’ve been a little quiet on here since the podcast launch over summer and giving myself a much needed break. However, I am thrilled to be posting again for another round of the One Room Challenge (aka ORC) for Fall 2020. My ORC project completed for Spring 2020 was so rewarding. It has truly been a gift to myself that keeps on giving daily. I truly believe this one will be just as fulfilling. In case you’re unfamiliar with what this challenge is about: The One Room Challenge is hosted annually in Spring and Fall to allow featured designers as well as guest participants (designers and DIY lovers) to share the process of completely transforming or redesigning a space in their homes. A huge thank you to Linda from Calling It Home, who’s the owner & host of this amazing design event! Time allotted to complete our project is 6 weeks. Each week I’ll be blogging and posting on Instagram with progress updates and plot twists, because in life AND design there’s always pivots. The big reveal finale will happen November 12th-22nd, hope you’ll follow along.


If you know me, then you know I’m a planner of all things that can be planned and have already started planning. If you’re newer to my page...welcome to my home project sharing! So, why redesign a powder room of all spaces?? Glad you asked (humor me)!!

I purchased my third home a little over 3 years ago as a newly renovated flip. Everything was brand new top to bottom. I prayed to have more than one bathroom and a kitchen island was top of the wish list as well. If I could redesign my kitchen I’d be doing that too. But, Rome wasn’t built in a day right?! While I knew this wasn’t going to be my forever home, I wanted to just move in, paint the walls white, and unpack. And that I did. My focus was to just decorate. Having 4 bathrooms was God doing what He always does in my life; more than I imagined and asked for! That said, I decided at least one needs to be customized. The one I chose to redesign is located between my living and dining spaces.

While I plan to refresh the first floor at some point, the powder room needs to be leveled up first. Here’s a couple of views at my blank canvas.

EXHIBIT A- What’s missing? Allot!! No color, nothing pretty, and no drama. Totally not a true reflection of my aesthetic. Change loading!

EXHIBIT B- I love words of affirmation. They just can’t live in here anymore. For now, I’ll let them live in the 2nd powder room in our family room downstairs (lower level). Luxe vibe me in here please!


For the love of marble and black sums it up.

The flooring the contractors used in this powder room is the same as what’s in my kitchen, not my favorite to say the least. It must go!! Black marble tile will be gracing the space, and huge thank you to The Tile Shop for collaborating with me in the project.

There’s white marble also shown in my mood board posted on the Instagram feed, what that represents will remain a mystery for now. I also shared my lighting selection, which has already been ordered. Gold accents for this palette was a must. The accents throughout the first floor are chrome & glass. This light fixture was just the right contrast I look forward to seeing.

Last, but not least...the wallpaper. My vision was to go a little wild but subtle, unlike the selection used in my walk-in. I fell in love with it. That’s been ordered and on its way as well. Let the deliveries begin, shall we??!!


Sending positive vibrations to all fellow participants as we set forth to do all the things to create new spaces. I’m looking forward to connecting and sharing progress. Customizing another space in my bachelorette home is a welcomed diversion from all that I juggle on the daily basis. Making home beautiful is important. COVID taught us just how much we should love our homes. So, should we have to quarantine again I’ll be new powder room ready! Ha!!

This project is part of the One Room Challenge. Click here to go back to the ORC Blog page. Posts for my project will be posted weekly and linked to their page. Media partner for the ORC is Better Home & Gardens (BH&G) is the ORC Media partner. As with all of my blog posts, ending with an encouraging word. Have an awesome week!

"But as it is written, Eye have not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love Him.” -Bible

XOXO Kelly

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