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One Room Challenge Week Four

At The Half…Wallpaper and A Design Plot Twist!


Coming in hot to the Instagram feed today, sharing it here on the blog first. The beautiful limited edition art in wallpaper form, sponsored in partnership with Minted. The Minted website is well known for their unique artwork, wedding invitations, home decor, and customizable gifts. It’s no surprise that the Minted wallpaper collection and the Little Minted wall murals are full of amazing selections. The selection I chose is called Mountain Range by Sadie Holden, one of Minted’s community of independent artists. Mountain Range is part of the Little Mint Children’s Wall Murals collection. What I love most about wallpaper in general is that it instantly elevates the design in a space while minimizing the need for allot of wall art. In this instance I am planning to install this as an accent wall, although I strongly considered using it on the ceiling. Bookmark this decision for a later post. It was a tough decision. There are a few details I want to highlight about the Mountain Range mural design. I love a good ombré of colors, and this is beyond good. The ombré adds depth to the design and it’s printed on a premium woven matte fabric. It’s PVC free and tear-resistant. Perfect to sustain the wear children can cause to walls over time. One word. Quality! For those of you who are DIYers this would be a great option to use, because it comes in panels. Panels take the guess work out of having to line up cuts for continuous patterns. I know all too well from my own memories from the ORC week four during spring 2020. It took a few days to install the continuous patterned wallpaper. I’ll be installing this mural myself and look forward to reporting back how it goes. And lastly, it’s removable. Another plus for a child who will eventually want to change their bedroom at some point. Check out the Minted wall mural collections and thank me later. Shared below is a view taken from the Minted website of how the mural looks in an actual space.


Glad you asked. Over the weekend the room was painted, and the paint selection was literally changed the night before. Here’s why. Shown here below you can see the two Sherwin Willams colors that were my final top picks. I had a sample of Angelic but was sold on using Cosmetic Pink after seeing it online. Until I tested on a small medallion (see photo below). Cosmetic Pink would’ve been amazing for me personally, however it wasn’t enough pink for this bedroom aesthetic goals. Angelic in matte finish was the winner hands down once I saw these side by side. It’s subtle blush pink but gives a creamy luxe feel. I’ll be praying for a sunny day for photos, and hope they do this color some justice. I’m completely satisfied with it, and it pairs perfectly with the Mountain Range mural.

Lesson learned. Trust your gut on the first decision and test the paint. Filters are used in many photos we see online, so testing is just the best way to make the right decision. My photo was taken in normal daylight with no major sunshine and no filters used to share the truest colors. If you’re a designer you know how we take photos of everything to get different views than what we see right in front of us. This is me doing that. Non-designers, we are essentially artists who are sensitive about…you know, Erykah Badu said it best. Nonetheless, luckily the Cosmetic Pink paint can be used by someone else. And more lucky, my local Sherwin Williams store was kind to me on cost knowing I was just there the night before.


So the mural was planned almost from the start. However, in the interest of time the design continued until sponsorship was confirmed. Then a possible dilemma presented itself with the rug selection, the one I literally just changed last week. And yes, this will happen during and beyond design development. A back up option is on its way. The other dilemma is that the depth of the bookcase planned didn’t work as well as I imagined. The replacement is here already and waiting to be assembled. These are small things that just take up time that I’d rather be using to move on to next tasks. But. With a 7.5 x 11.5 bedroom all in, every inch matters with space and functionality.

By week five I fully expect to be in the home stretch and into full install and styling. Most of the decor has already arrived. So, this week is trending to wear me out between installing the wallpaper and another small project detail that may be shared next week. The thrill of all of this still surpasses a few late nights and busy weekends. Until next week, sending hugs and strong coffee vibes to my fellow participants and to you for following along!

Be sure to check out other participant’s project updates on the One Room Challenge blog as well. The One Room Challenge is hosted by Linda Weinstein of Calling It Home, and this season’s media sponsor is Apartment Therapy.

“Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble.” -the good word

-XO, Kelly

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