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One Room Challenge Week Five

A Plot Twist...Powder Room Level Up X 2!!!

Welcome back to week five!!

Things are progressing nicely this week, but still lots of moving parts. As you can see, wallpaper, new water lines, and tiles are installed. The remaining tasks are planned for completion this weekend into next, as captured in my tasks list at the end of this post.

Can we get into the contrast this pop of black marble flooring is giving?? When it’s all cleaned and shining I’ll be taking all kinds of angle shots! What I’m also thrilled about is the fun this wallpaper adds to the first floor. In line with my color palette, yet so fun to look into this view. Another detail in the design that’s appreciated here is the small pop of red in the bird beaks. I couldn’t be more pleased!

Next up, the plot twist announced on the Instagram feed: the little powder room that could!! Hard to do one and leave this one out, knowing it’s just a flight of steps away. So thanks to our collaboration with The Tile Shop, the same beautiful black marble tile is going down in here.

*Disclaimer: The sink added to the tank shown was not my design. I imagine it was installed to save space or to avoid the additional plumbing work. It automatically turns from a separate water line. While I figured out there is actually a sink small enough to fit into this space, the work is more than I can take on at this time. So, for now it stays. Nonetheless, the level up planned will transform this into a more proper powder room. Current views:

The plan for this is all black everything with a pop of gold. If you’ve been following me for a while you know how excited I was to use black paint with the Spring ORC walk-in project. Been dying to use more since! So, I’m teaming up with Burgess Brothers again to help me execute this!

As I contemplated sharing this. I decided to do so to encourage others to make every space in their home the best reflection of you and what appeals to your true aesthetic even if it’s not perfect. Plus this is a no judgment zone here, right?? We have a tendency to ignore or put off small projects like this. Guilty as charged. Mainly just being busy for me, but no mas! This transformation is long overdue and will cost less than $500 (not including the tile gifted).

Now Loading:

Need to catch up on some much needed rest this weekend in between all this fun going on. Until next week, here’s an updated task list and as always a positive word below.

*Special Note: Week Six is Reveal Week 11/12th-11/29th. Super thankful for the extended finishing time, because it's needed here! Send positive vibes and stay safe!!

Week 1-3

Tasks + Orders Completed

Design Concept✔️

Preliminary Moodboard✔️

Updated Moodboard✔️


Light Fixture✔️

Toilet + Parts✔️

Sink + Parts✔️

Week 4

Final Rendering Review✔️

Order Styling Items✔️

(Mirror, Window Shade)

Floor Removal✔️

Pipe Relocation✔️

New Floor Install✔️

Wallpaper Install✔️

Weeks 5

New toilet & sink install

Flooring, grout completion

Styling accessories, minimal

Plot Twist X Powder Room #2

Powder Room #2 paint & lighting

Week 6

Powder Room #2 Flooring

Photos for powder rooms

Reveal Week 11/12th-11/29th🎉🎉

Be sure to check out all the hard work my fellow participants have been doing in their spaces on the main ORC Blog page. Thank you to Linda Weinstein of Calling It Home for hosting and cheering us all on weekly and the media partner Better Homes and Gardens.

Be bold and courageous when decorating your own spaces. Paint and wallpaper can always be changed. Try something you always wanted to do, and be true to your own style. You should love and maximize every square foot of your home!! -Kelly XOXO

"Prepare your work outside; get everything ready for yourself in the field, and after that build your house." -Bible

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