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One Room Challenge Week Eight... Project Reveal!!


I mean. For me the reveal is the best part of any project, hands down. If you've been following this project, you know this is my third ORC project. However, this is the first one that wasn't for my own home. I had a couple of spaces in mind until I heard my niece Raegan was getting her own bedroom. In true auntie (aka TiTi) fashion and in keeping my promise, I knew this was the moment I needed to deliver. I'm not sure which family reveal I enjoyed most; hers or the parent’s. However, Raegan's reveal was a thrill.

Creating a space for her that has everything in it to evoke happy feelings was important to me. Including all of her favorite colors, wall art she can identify with, and every item down to the monogrammed hangers were details planned to ensure her room felt personalized and special. I do plan to share footage and clips of her reveal, but for now sharing this photo, which captured her spirit perfectly. Now let's get into what we're really here for. Full views, details, and a 'Shop the Room' list!




Starting off with another special thank you to the project sponsors for the products gifted.

Wallpaper- The mural selection used is called Mountain Range by Sadie Holden, one of Minted's community of independent artists. This is part of the Little Mint Children's Wall Murals collection by Minted. Shared last week, We've partnered in celebration of this project to offer invite you to shop and save 10% on your purchase using my code: PLOTTWIST10. If you missed it, I shared all the reasons why you would love the wallpaper on the blog post for ORC week 4. Thank me later.

Lighting- Oscar, the light fixture gifted by Alora did not disappoint. It's certainly not your average lighting for a children's room and lacks nothing in style. The perfect pop of gold and white. Shop the collection to see other options (black and in wall sconce) and for those in the industry unfamiliar; add Alora to your sourcing list!

Furniture- I've shopped IKEA for years. And I've noted to self some improvements in quite a few of their products that have been around for some time. I purchased a MALM dresser years ago for myself. After moving it twice and passing it on to one of my godsons, I believe it lasted a good 8-10 years. Not bad for the price point. I knew IKEA would be the spot for size appropriate furniture and sustainable selections. The white MALM high twin bed and

4-drawer dresser both worked perfectly. Note, the high option was selected to accommodate the two drawers on wheels added underneath for additional storage. Adding the Nena Flower Knobs, sourced at Anthropologie added just the right touch to give the dresser a unique style. The small BILLY bookcase was also purchased from IKEA. The specs and color were both perfect for the wall space available. It was intentional to use a natural wood color instead of white for this piece. Having the bookcase and the radiator cover in a natural wood color were both elements to bring the space together from opposite sides of the room. Fun fact about BILLY; approximately every five seconds one BILLY bookcase is sold. According to IKEA "it's the book lovers choice that never goes out of style". Agreed!

Decor and Accessories- The clamp spot lights were a game time decision. Raegan requested a bookcase to be in her room when we had our consultation (yes, we had a full consult). This request reinforced how much she truly loves to read. This was a way to encourage reading at bedtime, which helps relax kids. Plus she now has a night light at her finger tips. I'm pretty sure I wasn't too fond of the dark at that age. The popular Shaped Owl Storage basket from Pottery Barn Kids added an element of fun while delivering function. Having elements of wood, Ratan, and weaved wicker was intentional contract to the white furniture and for the intended modern boho/global aesthetic vibe. Kirklands is one of my favorite retail stores for unexpected finds. The area rug was an easy must have for the style, quality, and size. The radiator cover, French style curtain rods, ceiling medallion, and books were all sourced on Amazon. The very popular monogrammed hangers, floor pouf, and other decor accessories were all sourced at Homegoods and HomeSense.

Wall Art- Blackberry by artist Alexander Grahovsky had me at hello! iCanvas is a great resource for art being available in different sizes, frame options, and fast shipping. Admittedly sourcing art isn't my strength, and I totally understand many designers don't source their own. However, I knew at least one piece of black art needed to adorn one of the walls. I didn't want anything cartoonish, and I didn't think anything abstract would really be appreciated. Also the wallpaper design is abstract art in itself. This piece is fun and lifelike. Immediately on sight, Raegan said, "she looks like me"! I said, "she is you"!! Mission accomplished.


A few references for anyone interested in more details on specific phases of the process, see the list below broken down by blog post weeks. Also for missed reels and footage shared over the weeks, there is a highlight saved on Instagram titles ORC Spring 2022.

Wk One, ORC 3rd Round

Wk Two, Foundation/Specs

Wk Three, Sponsored Lighting

Wk Four, Sponsored Wallpaper

Wk Five, Progress Over Perfection

Wk Six, Lighting Sneak Peek

Wk Seven, Reveal Pregame

I believe this project challenged me the most due to the size of the room and time constraints outside of the project with my brother's moving deadline. Behind the scenes I essentially had less than 8 weeks to work and more like 5 to 6 weeks. Totally worth the work.

For more reveals this week check out the other One Room Challenge (ORC) guest participant‘s project on the ORC Blog. In case you’re just reading about this challenge for the first time, it is a major event hosted two times annually by Linda Weinstein of Calling It Home. Participants get 8 weeks to transform a space, possibly gain sponsorship, and an opportunity to step up for the "challenge" in sharing the entire project publicly. This yer the ORC hit a milestone, and it's the ORC's 10 year anniversary. The official media sponsor is Apartment Therapy. Cheers to many more years to come and the elevating of spaces accomplished by so many!

Ending this post with a special prayer for those who suffered losses in the recent tragedies in NY and TX…for grace & mercy for us all. Stay safe and well.

"I have said these things to you, that in me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world." -Bible

-xo Kelly

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