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One Room Challenge Final Reveal

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

Week 8!! My Walk-In Wardrobe/Dressing Room Reveal!!


We are finally here, and full reveal photos will be loading to my Instagram page.

Shout out to those of you who have been following me and tolerating all the sneak peeks.

In this week's final blog post for this ORC project there are a few things I'd like to review and share with you. First, to put the project completed in perspective I think it's only right to look back to where I started. Before photos were posted here for week one's blog post. Actual video footage can also be viewed in ORC highlight on Instagram. For a quick glance a couple of photos are posted below as well.

Note, this room was functioning as a shared space for my home office and some overflow of my wardrobe for items that didn't fit into my bedroom walk in closet. The shoe racks on wheels and the utility shelf unit both on wheels were intentionally selected knowing they were temporary. Let's just say I had commitment issues with installing permanent built-ins for my first couple of years in the house. Fast forward, I'm planning to share my space next year until moving. Hence, I needed a more formal temporary solution. And, the need to merge most of my wardrobe...using the whole room just made best sense.

Following my own design process, I created a summary of what was needed to transform the room to suite my needs. As you can see in the before photos, besides the room being a shared space; the décor wasn't a true reflection of my design aesthetic now. All white walls, glam vibe flesh mount lighting, bare flooring overall, and an undressed window. A transformation was inevitable. A perfect opportunity for me to participate in the infamous One Room Challenge. And what a time to be alive and have this to keep me sane over the past few months! So, let's recap the tasks completed. But first I must get into my favorite details in the room.

My art selection is hands down a favorite detail. A shared sourcing details about her in the week six blog and on my Instagram feed. She's so me, a day dreamer and a thinker!

A few more of my detail favorites that help tell my story. Flowers, patterns, and textures are all the moving parts I love to incorporate in fashion and interior design. For the photoshoot I partnered with Bruce Loman, of Roninzero. He captured these and so many more detail shots perfectly!


Week one was about the concept mood board and the sharing of the said one room.

As mentioned in week two and three's blog post the planning started with purging, floor planning, and customizing my wardrobe needs. My trip to IKEA and decision to go with the PAX wardrobe system was also discussed in detail. During week four I got into wallpaper drama and other details. Week five was muted as mentioned in week six in solidarity to stand united against racial injustice. In week six I gave a peek at my art selection and a few details on how fashion and interior design overlap. A worthy note for the space. In this case fashion is a huge part of the décor and accessories effortlessly. And last week. I hesitated to show the ceiling and light fixture before the reveal. However, I'm glad I did. I truly felt like a child on show and tell day. The intention in the medallion style layered in black with my light fixture selection was to help tell the story in the room starting at the top, literally. A heavy dose of modern-day class. This defines my personal brand, not just my aesthetic style.


Let's put this project timeframe into perspective. Dear future clients, this part is for you (smile). I announced signing up for the one room challenge back in February. It didn't officially start until April. My planning started immediately, and the design phase began.

By March the floor plan, concept, and purging were well underway. The sourcing and purchasing started too. I only had two shopping days in stores before quarantine started. Thankfully my trip to IKEA was productive. Once the challenge start date was postponed, I had a little lead time and relaxed a little. By May the deliveries and install were happening simultaneously. The wallpaper took me about two weeks due to taking breaks and having to order an additional few rolls.

As the world began to open the room was completed. With just a couple of small details I'd like to adjust, we have a fully transformed room. To follow is a list of items purchased. But first, designers this part is for you. They say we should always be sourcing. Well, it's true. I purchased the two hide skins from Remix Living Showroom back in December. I believe I was randomly shopping sale items and fell in love with them both, as well as the faux fur cheetah hangers used to style my ottoman. I truly wasn't certain how or where these goodies would be used, but I knew they'd be used to style a room in my home or a client's; whichever came first. I've sourced a bed (the mattress, yes, they sell those too) for my daughter's bedroom project and several other décor items. A design friend and a happy business customer.


Wallpaper, paint, lighting, light change, & outlet switch plates changed all transformed what I consider the bones in the room. The design focus was equally for aesthetics and functionality. Let's be honest, any space we must be in and look at daily should appeal to both. Wardrobes were left without doors, ultimately for two reasons. I like to see my clothing all at an eye shot while trying to figure out what to wear. The second reason is that once I added the middle shelving and ottoman to the middle of the room, space to clear doors opening would be tight. So, I ordered them. They were returned the week IKEA opened their doors (no pun intended).

Besides the hide skin rugs, wardrobes, lighting, and wallpaper the remaining décor and accessories purchased were minimal. Curtain rod and panel, ottoman (which also functions for storage), one throw pillow, fashion books, jewelry boxes and stands, two mirrors (one wall & one leaner), wall art & frame, and the gold knobs used on my repurposed dresser. The paint was obtained vial sponsorship from Sherman Williams. I plan to discuss a few more sources and details in a video tour of the room, coming soon to my HGTV channel. I hope you enjoyed following along and I want to say if you're still reading this post, THANK YOU! I look forward to sharing more detail shots taken and perhaps another home project soon. After all, I have a new master bedroom design in the planning phase for the future Hubbs and I. I also have a master half bath and a powder room on my first floor both calling my name. Home projects are truly never ending!

A special note of thanks is owed to Linda at Calling it Home for hosting this amazing event and Better Home and Gardens who's the official medial partner. Please, don't forget to check out all the fellow participant and featured designer's reveals over on the ORC Blog.

"The race is not given unto the swift, but to the one who endures until the end" -Bible

XOXO Kelly

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