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One Room Challenge Week Six

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

All ORC Project Reveals Loading!!!

Welcome back for week 6!!

Reveals began on November 12th and will be extended through November 29th, thankfully.

Today I’m sharing a detail shot (or two) here on the blog, because details ALWAYS matter in design. Gold accents were a must for me to pair with this wallpaper and the black marble flooring!

As of today, I’m proud to share that all of the deliveries needed have finally arrived. There are just a couple of small finishing decor items I’ll be out sourcing over the next few days. The most difficult item for me to find gets added early next week to finish off my powder room, the threshold! The width needed in black, authentic marble wasn’t available from the same place the tiles were gifted. The Tile Shop did include a beautiful threshold, but it only came in 4 1/2 inches wide. Cutting into it would not work, because I’d lose one of the beveled sides. No bueno for me. I needed 2 inches in width and found it (shared in last night’s story).

About my plot twist, my second powder room.

Flooring gets completed on Monday, and the accessories needed to finish that are here. If you’ve been following, you know since my Spring ORC walk-in was completed I’ve been wanting to use black paint somewhere else in my home. This smaller powder room was the perfect opportunity! It sits easily accessible in our family room area located in the lower level (also known as the basement in some areas). All black everything from black ceiling, walls, and baseboard molding brings all the moody drama this small powder room can hold. The black marble tiles will be twinsies with my main level powder room.

Both of my powder rooms are used frequently in our home. When the entertainment of friends and family goes back to normal they’ll definitely be a welcoming surprise to guests.

Until then, working from home and staying in more, I will certainly enjoy the views. This project challenged me on a new level. The main powder room started out as a ‘refresher’ to level it up, and it quickly turned into a small renovation. That’s about right for me in most cases, I’m going big whenever possible as I’m working to customize my home. I’ve enjoyed sharing progress updates and behind the scenes with you. In case you missed it, there’s a story highlight with lots of footage and posts saved for this project on in my Instagram profile titled ORC FALL 2020. Hope you’ve enjoyed following.

Looking forward to revealing soon. As long as the finish plan goes well, photos should be happening by end of next week. Reveal date TBA, and it will be before November 29th! For now I’m sharing one last detail sneak peak here. Design is in all the details, right??!!

Lastly, check out my updated task list below, I’m almost there my friends!!

Week 1-3

Tasks + Orders Completed

Design Concept✔️

Preliminary Moodboard✔️

Updated Moodboard✔️


Light Fixture✔️

Toilet + Parts✔️

Sink + Parts✔️

Week 4

Final Rendering Review✔️

Order Styling Items✔️

(Mirror, Window Shade)

Floor Removal✔️

Pipe Relocation✔️

New Floor Install✔️

Wallpaper Install✔️

Weeks 5

New toilet & sink install✔️

Flooring, grout completion✔️

Styling accessories, minimal✔️

Plot Twist X Powder Room #2✔️

Powder Room #2 paint & lighting✔️

Week 6

Powder Room #2 Flooring⏳

Photos for powder rooms⏳

Reveal Week 11/12th-11/29th🎉🎉

Be sure to check out all the amazing featured designers virtual reveals and my fellow guests participants who’ve revealed all on the main ORC Blog page. Thank you to Linda Weinstein of Calling It Home for hosting this amazing event. This happens every Spring and Fall annually. And a thank you to the media host, Better Home and Gardens.

In case anyone else needs this reminder:

‘The race is not given to the swift, but the one who endures to the end’ -Bible

Kelly XOXO

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