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One Room Challenge Week 4

An Office/Wardrobe Room Plot Twist!!


We’re at the half mark, so this week I chose to share about the wallpaper selected, why I chose it, and my experience installing it. Yes, I installed it myself. And what a job it was. Fun fact I’ll start with is that this wallpaper was originally selected last fall for a bathroom refresh project for my Mom. She loved it as much as I did, but she decided to hold off and work on another space. Once I decided to transform my office/ wardrobe room into a full walk-in dressing room, this wallpaper immediately was re-sourced.

Besides absolutely loving this wallpaper design, I knew I wanted the walls to be bold and bright. Incorporating black into my home has been on my wish list as well. This was the best of both worlds for me; not to mention my love for flowers. Now, on to the fun part that literally took hours and days to complete, installing it!


I chose a self sticking option intentionally. My initial thought was not wanting to invest as much knowing I plan to move in the near future; and thinking it would just be easier. However, it was no easy feat. Using a pattern with a continuous design requires allot of meticulous work and measurements with precision to keep it aligned perfectly. Note, a continuous pattern means more wallpaper AND more of an expense! Nonetheless, the investment was a worthy one.

I should also acknowledge the switch plate cover change captured in the first photo. You know what they say, the details are the design. When you're not making structural changes in a space I think it's import to change any and everything possible for the best transformation to be achieved. Until next week...check out the sneak peek detail shot posted on the Instagram feed, video footage of the wallpaper for a closer look, and other updates saved in the ORC story highlight.

Don’t forget to see what my fellow guest participants and featured designers are up to this week on the ORC Blog.

ORC Host: Linda Weinstein at Calling It Home

Media Sponsor: Better Home and Gardens

"She dresses herself in strength and makes her arms strong"-Bible

XOXO Kelly

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