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One Room Challenge Week 3

A Wardrobe/Office Room Plot Twist!!


This week I’m reflecting on the decision making that went into making my wardrobe selection, which resulted in my choice to use the IKEA

PAX Wardrobe System. Being a home owner and having the freedom to make permanent, structural changes made the use of built-in shelving tempting. The fact that this is not my ‘forever home’ and I’ll be planning to move in a couple of just made sense to not go with built-ins.

Although IKEA has an amazing room planner feature on their website, I must say going into the store was a great experience. Being able to see and touch all the features mattered to me. I’m big on details and functionality. I needed to test how the drawers and doors closed, how well the sliding trays worked, and all the interior options. As most of you know seeing things online just doesn’t compare. So, like a kid in a candy store I had my fill for a couple of hours! I must also mention I opted for the PAX system, because it is fully customizable. And like always, the design ended with a plot twist. I can’t give full story now, but I’ll be talking about it post reveal.


I’ll start by explaining this sneak peek detail shot. The black/brown wardrobe clothing rod option only comes in gray. The alternative option is white, most commonly used for the white wardrobes. While I love gray, I did not like it at all for the rod. I changed this by using my wallpaper selection to cover the rods and painted the hardware connectors black. Hence, a happy girl! The only other detail that was a bit unexpected is the backing for these wardrobes not being very sturdy. The backing can be reinforced, but it’s not the same material as the top, bottom, and side parts. Overall otherwise it’s a well structured system.

Next, the pros and deets! I absolutely LOVE how customizable this system is. After a week of my clothing and shoe wardrobe purging I was able to plan every shelf and drawer for everything to have its place perfectly. I have a total of five units with three different customized variations. Yet the flow is still clean and flows well in the room. I love the soft close feature on the drawers and how the shelves can be adjusted so easily. The assembly was a pleasant surprise and was not difficult at all. It is recommended that two people assemble together. Nonetheless, one person can do it. I would venture to say I made a great decision that I’m well pleased with.


Having started in preparation for the original start date, I’m more than half way through the install phase and moving into the styling part of this phase. My paint, wallpaper, lighting change, and assembly are all completed. Except one dilemma. Doors, or not to doors! The doors for the wardrobe have been delivered a week ago. I’m torn about which way I’m going, so thank God we have extra time. The functionality of the space is top priority, because it’s not a huge room. So, to be continued...perhaps I’ll do a poll in my Instagram stories. Until next week, thanks for reading!! Don’t forget to check out my fellow guest participants and the featured designers on the main One Room Challenge Blog.

ORC Host: Linda Weinstein at Calling It Home Media Sponsor: Better Homes and Gardens

“The race is not given to the swift, but the one who endures till the end” -Bible

XOXO Kelly

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