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One Room Challenge Week 2

A Wardrobe/ Office Room Plot Twist!!


This week let’s talk about details. After all, the design really is in the details in a room. Choosing such a bold wallpaper and dark paint called for a bold accent choice. First, it gets no darker than black paint. Second, it gets no bolder than shiny gold. A note worthy point here is that throughout my home lives a calm, neutral palette. So, remember as mentioned last week I’m living out my wild side in this room. Also, I’ve been waiting to cease the moment I could bring some gold accents into my home aesthetic. The first opportunity taken was changing the knobs on the one piece of furniture kept in the room. Seemed easy enough, and it instantly gave a brand new vibe to this dresser. Meanwhile the other two that live in my bedroom will remain unbothered (until that room gets her turn to be transformed)! Sharing below before and after shots taken for change appreciation. By the way, I’m a big proponent of keeping what you can and making small changes to get big impacts whenever possible. More pops of gold will be used, but no more peeks yet!

Touch ups were made to cover the scratches from the old knobs.


The great debate. Never did I imagine there would be so many variations of black paint to choose from. So, I narrowed it down to Iron Ore vs Tricorn Black. Thankfully my amazing Designer Account Executive at Sherman Williams came through in a clutch with samples of both to have at it with swatch testing. I loved the matte finish with Iron Ore, but ultimately going for bold to compliment my wallpaper selection made the decision easy once tested. I found it extremely helpful to test next to a section of the wall that had already been wallpapered for a close look. Honestly either one could’ve worked. While a more matte finish could offer nice contrast, it was important that the black would show up bold for me. After all, this may be the only room black paint gets to live in for a while. Although like most designers & decorators my our brains are usually on to the next once halfway through a current project. He’s how the two measured up to the wallpaper.


Following my own design process all of the above was accomplished during the design development and sourcing phases. While sourcing has been hindered a bit due to quarantine and sheltering in place, I’m no stranger to online sourcing. Some deliveries have been delayed while others have arrived timely all things considered. To date, a couple of items arrived damaged. No stress thanks to our time being extended. As I often encourage future clients, I’ve had to remind myself to trust the process. In many cases a full room transformation is a lengthy process, as it should be. Curating a space vs simply decorating it is a totally different processes in itself. My goal for this space is to curate one that reflects attention paid to every detail in every item. Textures and patterns have always been important to see in my home. Color, the use of multiple colors, this is a newfound love. My final thought for this week is wanting you to note how much fashion and design truly inspire each other. Designing a room to embody my personal lifestyle, fashion style, and design style has been effortless yet challenging all at the same time. If you know me or if you’ve been following for a while, my personality is aligned in this. Demeanor is calm and poised but in any room I’m lit up and socializing. For a wardrobe dressing room that I’ll be in daily, instant inspiration daily is a must. As a creative I’ve discovered having said spaces such as this in my home serve the same purpose as words of affirmation on the walls! And the process continues...

ORC Host: Linda Weinstein at Calling It Home Media Sponsor: Better Homes and Gardens

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“Be encouraged and be of good cheer” -Bible

XOXO Kelly

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