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One Room Challenge Week 1

A Wardrobe/Office Room Plot Twist!!


So I shared on our Instagram page that I decided to sign up for the Spring One Room Challenge 2020 (ORC) back in February, just in time to be part of my one year in business celebration. In case you’re unfamiliar with what this challenge is about: The One Room Challenge is hosted annually in Spring and Fall to allow featured designers as well as guest participants (designers and DIY lovers) to share the process of completely transforming or redesigning a space in their homes. A huge thank you to Linda from Calling It Home, who’s the owner & manager of this amazing design event! Time allotted is normally 6 weeks, but due to Covid19 it’s extended to 8 weeks. Each week I’ll be blogging and posting on Instagram with progress updates. The big reveal day will be July 2nd, hope you’ll follow along. This is my first time, and I’m so glad I decided to participate. This project has allowed me to stay in busy bee mode as a much needed distraction over the last few weeks of quarantine life. *Exhales*

I suspect there may be some new readers here, and if so welcome to my blog! My name is Kelly Collier, the founder of Plot Twist Design. I’m the principal and realtor aka the girl who does both; offering turn key service, full design, e-design, and real estate services. I’m a Philadelphia native servicing the city and surrounding counties, NJ, and DE. Now, let’s discuss the room in the spotlight...what else could be more exciting while the world is still figuring out how and when to fully reopen?!

My middle bedroom was chosen, because upon getting engaged (also in February, how timely?!), it became evident that I now needed to prepare my space to be shared. Instead of having a spare bedroom for guests this bedroom has been occupied by my home office and some what of a wardrobe overflow room. It was functional and served its dual purpose just fine. However, the idea of sharing the walk in closet in my master bedroom started to feel crowded at just the thought. Hence, the concept of sharing the middle room seemed a likely solution. After thinking, planning, boring my fiancé with details that really won’t matter to him I decided we can best have the best of both worlds! He will take over the master walk in closet, and the new wardrobe room will be designed for moi! My additional reasoning could take up the entire blog, but let’s move on to more details.


My plan included a need to purge my entire wardrobe to decide on best wardrobe unit configuration, shelving options, etc. The room measurements were taken, design sketched, and the plotting quickly began. By March I had decided on wardrobe system and started placing orders. Most of April my idle time in the evenings was spent working on getting the room cleared, relocating my office space, and getting the paint and wallpapering underway. About the wardrobe units: Since this isn’t our forever home, and we have a wedding to plan the need to be economical was a must. Also, as a Realtor I know when it’s time to sell or rent to tenants, it won’t be ideal to have any permanent wall shelving installed taking up an entire room. So, I opted to go with the PAX Wardrobe System from IKEA. More details will be shared about this in next week’s post.


Since my home aesthetic on the first floor consists of all neutrals I decided to live my wilder side through this project. The use to two things was a must; black paint and wild wallpaper. Who knew choosing the perfect shade of black paint would require so much thinking and swatch testing. That was a project within itself. But Tricorn Black by Sherman Williams was the winner. I've recently shared in an Instagram post that my personal aesthetic has evolved and changed to now having a love for modern bohemian vibes. Totally reflected in my color palette here.


Posting a few before photos here for the starting point to be referenced. There is also a complete walkthrough of the room, along with other progress video footage on the ORC highlight in my Instagram profile. While the room has been well organized, the storage options were intentionally temporary. Last year this was posted about on a few times; having had commitment issues with permanent shelving options. While I will need to find a new place for my Oliver Gal canvases, I was thrilled to roll the shoe racks on wheels out of here!

Shoe racks on wheels. A great idea at the time of purchase until I realized how hard it would be to situate heels to stay on the rows. Also, the shelf hung clearly needed to be a bit longer and wider.

ixed use property, music to my design and realtor ears. Full transparency...This room became the catch all for all things overflow, not just wardrobe.

Just months after this light fixture was hung, I was over it. RIP glam vibes.

Never got around to finishing this room. Hence, the undressed window. God knew better that a time such as this was coming!


Sending all positive vibrations to all fellow participants and looking forward to connecting, sharing progress, and most of all getting to the finish line. Like many others may have experienced there have been some online shipping delays, and of course no shopping in stores due to quarantine life. Nonetheless, great progress has been made while working on this has been my saving grace in the midst of the craziest time I’ve lived to see! This project is part of the One Room Challenge. Click here to go back to the ORC Blog page. Posts for my project will be posted weekly and linked to their page. Media part for the ORC is Better Home & Gardens (BH&G) is the ORC Media partner. As with all of my blog posts, ending with an encouraging word. Have a great week!

"Therefore whosoever hear these sayings of mine, and does them, I will liken unto a wise man, which built his house upon a rock."- Bible

OXO Kelly

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