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One Room Challenge

‘Little Brown Princess’ Bedroom RENO


Hello!!! I’m back for my 3rd round of the One Room Challenge (ORC), and I could not be more excited to share the story behind this project. I’ve shared some family photos in Instagram stories in the past, so many of you may have seen my 9yr old niece who I call Princess Raegan. I’ve had thoughts to redesign my daughter’s bedroom that’s now used for my home office since she has recently moved. However, as soon as I found out my brother was moving into a house that would allow Raegan to have her own bedroom I knew it was time for me to deliver on the promise made a few years ago. She told me she wanted me to design her room one day when she learned all about the start of Plot Twist Design. So, we’ve had our design consultation a few weeks ago, compiled a short wish list with color palette established and design phase is just about wrapped up.


This week the mood board reflects Raegan’s love for pink and love for use of textures in a modern boho aesthetic. Shades of blush pinks and her 2nd favorite color, light blue will be primary colors with others in the mix. We have a small space to work with, but with three windows natural light is on our side. A bright, airy, fun space that she can grow in until her teen years is the goal.

About small spaces…I embrace them.

I’m a firm believer in maximizing space as I shared during my Spring 2020 ORC project. And for Fall 2020’s ORC project another small space with a plus one was transformed. It’s been proven that small spaces are often packed with potential when given proper planning and attention to detail. This small bedroom will be much less challenging (fingers crossed). A 9yr old wardrobe is easier to plan for, as well as the organization required for a little girl who loves to read books when she’s not glued to her cell phone and iPad. The work will be concentrated first on renovations to get a prettier blank canvas. Those upgrades will include original hardwood floors to be refinished (or replaced), closet interior walls refinished with new bar/shelving to be added, and wood trim replaced. Let the trade work logistics begin. Send Starbucks energy vibes!


During week one the plan is to complete design phase, place orders, and hopefully identify any possible sponsorship opportunities to assist with this labor of love I’ve committed to. I am really looking forward to making this memorable for my niece, creating a room she will be happy to spend time in and reaping the benefits of having her own personal space reflecting the princess she truly is.

The ORC creation by Linda Weinstein of Calling It Home was genius I must say. For those newer here the ORC happens twice annually in Spring and Fall, and participants are given 8 weeks to transform a space. The community of designers and DIY lovers that share their projects makes the process fun when in many cases design projects are not. It’s also for me, therapeutic and a way to share the outcome of what having full creative control looks like. The excitement now is just as it was two years ago. For this Spring the official media partner is Apartment Therapy. You can find my weekly blogs posted here and on the main ORC Blog, along with all the other participants. It’s an honor to share on this platform. Help me in wishing a Happy Tenth Anniversary to One Room Challenge and many more to come!

Until next week!!

XO, Kelly

“Write the vision and make it plain”-Bible

Follow us on Instagram to see behind the scenes posts and stories over the weeks to come. The ORC Instagram page can be found here.

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