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Moody Mudroom

Updated: Apr 23

One Week Challenge Week Two


Coming in hot ending week two with my completed design board and new washer & dryer purchased. I shared a reel on the Instagram feed including the time had with my husband in Lowes. Collectively, we agreed in opting for the stackables but no plan to actually stack them. The pedestals won for a side by side set up. The extra height they add definitely will be enjoyed, as well as the storage. Checking this box with specs confirmed allowed me to wrap up the design concept and start on the floor plan.


Both functionality and aesthetics are important for all the reasons shared in last week's post. I decided not to go with any built ins and use modular pieces. If any units are added they'll be minimal. For now I've established cabinets are a definite, but replacing the utility sink is not confirmed yet. We have a powder room in the hallway area just outside this space, so it's not a must. Estimates for the plumbing work will be determined if the sink gets installed now or sometime in the future.

Let's talk aesthetics, starting with the paint color selections. My top two not labeled in the design board are Basil and Privilege Green by Sherwin Williams. I used Basil in my primary half bath at the old house a couple of years ago, and I loved it. I'm about 75% sure I'm going to use it again for this project. The 25% pending depends on what I decide to do with the cabinets; how many we install and whether wallpaper will be incorporated or not. As you know, details matter. Every, little, detail matters.


Ultimately we know what a mud room is used for, as well as the laundry area. The purpose in adding any storage will be for organizing all the things we use daily and frequently. Some will be seasonal like pool items, gardening tools, winter shovels & boots, etc.

Why is the mood important and how will it be expressed? This is literally what interior design is about right?! The mood will be moody with the use of the colors planned, however the aesthetic goal is also to evoke happy feelings of calm to quiet our minds after coming in from the world of outside. Also feelings that inspire me to do laundry without it being a daunting chore.

My last thought is around having a space to store my gardening tools where they're easily accessible. Did you know I love to plant flowers?? I have for years. Haven't always taken the time. Since quarantine when all we had was time, I decided to do more. I told my husband for this reason, I think this mud room should give "she-shed" vibes. Ha!


Next week will be include purchasing some things, completing my floor plan, and waiting for the new washer and pedestals. The dryer arrived today.

Another goal is to nail down a date for floor install and lighting. Let's see how I'm trending for timeline:


Week One- Design Development

Week Two- Mood Board PRESO (on the blog & IG)

Week Three- Sourcing & Purchasing

Week Four- Paint Color Testing, then painting

Week Five- Tradesmen for floors and lighting

(this will not be all DIY)

Week Six- Install shelving and any furnishing/decor

Week Seven- Styling & Photos

Week Eight- Reveal

Be sure to follow along on Instagram and check out my fellow participants on the main One Room Challenge blog. Stay tuned for more to come. Special thanks to Linda Weinstein, the ORC host and media partners Apartment Therapy.



"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me"- Living Word

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