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Moody Mudroom

One Room Challenge Week Seven


Week seven was jam packed, yet very productive.

Sharing this photo of the flooring installed, which continues from the lower level hallway and my home office. The seamless transition is so good. If you've been following from week one, you'll notice the wall shelf is now gone that was on this wall. The laundry shoot is still here, but I decided it must go. It's taking up real estate on this wall that's needed. Not to mention our clothes would surely get stuck trying to actually use it.

Once the room was totally cleared again, I had to make a game time decision before any painting could be done. New sheet rock, or skim coat the walls. My contractor came to weigh in, and we agreed the walls could be salvaged with proper work. Aside from skim coating he will need to open the walls to replace the larger nails now coming through. The wall and ceiling repairs needed after the laundry shoot is removed will also have to be done. This work is all scheduled to happen starting this week into next. Meanwhile...


I may have mentioned my original sink selection went out of stock before I could purchase. After floor planning it worked out for the best. The smaller, single sink option proved to be sufficient. And we all love it. While this item was available for pick up, almost all the cabinets were not. They'll be picked up by the end of the week, and the plywood, marble countertops, and other items needed for the counter building are all expected this week. Below is an updated mood board sharing the countertop's marble design and a sneaky peek of the light. Full transparency (always), I ordered three different light fixtures. Let me explain.

The light shown above is a close top favorite. It's mod, minimal, matte black, and doesn't hang too lowe. Semi-flush mount lights sometimes will have too much depth for average or lower ceiling heights. Our mudroom ceiling height is a the lowest in the house at 92". Most likely this is result of the previous owners adding central air at some point. A worthy cause! Nonetheless, paying close attention to depth while sourcing lights was a must considering my husband being a tall guy. What else?!


A few remaining items will be ordered and picked up this week. Décor planning will be minimal. This mud room will be high functioning for a daily entry & exiting, a drop zone, the laundry hub, additional storage, and working moments for my gardening and only God knows what my husband will be doing after photos are taken. Hence, my logic behind opting for a utility type of sink vs. a beautiful, higher end vanity sink I'd be overly concerned about. Our powder room is also just steps away across the hallway.

Going into week eight, I won't have a full reveal to share due to the work needed on the walls and ceiling. Also, as shared in my IG post for week seven...being away for over a week and real life BTS just hasn't allowed for much idle or fee time. Zero regrets nonetheless. I will continue to share some of my progress in IG stories over the next couple of weeks and will share the final reveal on the IG feed and back here on the blog. Stay tuned!


Week One- Design Development

Week Two- Mood Board PRESO (on the blog & IG)

Week Three- Washer & Dryer both delivered and Flooring ordered

Week Four- Sourcing & Purchasing continued

Week Five- Awaiting Deliveries + Vacation Break

Week Six- Vacation

Week Seven- Tradesmen for floors + plumbing

Week Eight- Wall repairs, paint, and wallpaper TBC⚠️

Week Eight•ish-Install countertops, shelves & furnishing/decor

(this will not be all DIY)

TBD- Styling & Photos and Reveal

Be sure to follow along on Instagram for updates in stories to come, and check out my fellow participants on the main One Room Challenge blog. Stay tuned for more to come. Special thanks to Linda Weinstein, the ORC host and media partners Apartment Therapy.



"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me". - Living Word

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