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Moody Mudroom

One Room Challenge Week Six


Since my last blog there was a reel posted on instgram sharing this mood board during week four. The wallpaper selections shown have now been narrowed down to two, and the final selection will be ordered at the top of this week. Fingers crossed it arrives in time to be installed before week eight, as well as paint. Week five and six were a blur. Eight of the fourteen days within the two weeks were spent on vacation in Greece. Zero work completed. Also, the sink I wanted went out of stock. So- What exactly has been accomplished? A much needed mental reset and a ton of inspiration absorbed. That said, I have lots of catching up to do.


The mud room has quickly become a drop zone since we moved in. For those new here, we just moved into our new home mid March. Therefore home items (new and old), items moved but still packed, an extra mini fridge, shoes kicked off, and more.

As of last week's end the majority of the room has been cleared. This upcoming week the room will be cleared, demo, and plumbing are planned. If the plumbing work runs smoothly, flooring and paint should be happening by the weekend.


The thought of not meeting any deadline comes with anxiety, especially in design projects. Having participated in the ORC three times in the past, I started with the intention to finish...timely. I still absolutely will finish. Even if it takes a little longer this time around. What I've learned very well since my first ORC project in 2020 is that good design takes time. Amazing design takes longer. Week seven is sure to be a full one for this project. I'm looking forward to sharing more details as things begin to take shape. Send positive vibes, because your design Bestie here will need them.


Week One- Design Development

Week Two- Mood Board PRESO (on the blog & IG)

Week Three- Washer & Dryer both delivered and Flooring ordered

Week Four- Sourcing & Purchasing continued

Week Five- Awaiting Deliveries + Vacation Break

Week Six- Vacation

Week Seven- Tradesmen for floors and lighting📍

Week Eight- Install shelving and furnishing/decor

(this will not be all DIY)

Week Eight•ish- Styling & Photos and Reveal

Be sure to follow along on Instagram and check out my fellow participants on the main One Room Challenge blog. Stay tuned for more to come. Special thanks to Linda Weinstein, the ORC host and media partners Apartment Therapy.



"The race isn't given unto to the swift but to the one who endures until the end." -Living Word

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