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Moody Mudroom

One Room Challenge Week Three


This week the washer and pedestals have arrived to join us for the party. As shared last week and on the Instagram feed today, we had to replace the dryer unexpectedly. Not complaints at all here. It will just be a little more of a lift for the team when the new floor gets installed. The herringbone flooing has been ordered, and we are officially ahead of schedule.


The contractor/tradesmen quotes came in, and I've decided to move forward with replacing the sink and adding a nicer option, along with cabinetry. Given the height of this new washer & dryer, we most likely won't add an extended counter top. This is still TBD, because aside from the height, countertops are potential invitations for "things" to pile up on. We all know how that can happen. Husbands, cough cough.

The color palette is firm and will include SW Basil . It's a tried and true favorite shade of green that was used in my previous home for our primary bathroom refresh a couple of years ago. The mud room gets more natural light than that bathroom did, so I suspect I'll love the color here even more. Basil gives moody with fresh, tranquil vibes all at the same time. Generally speaking, the color green evokes feelings of optimism, hopefulness, wealth, comfort, and energy. Who doesn't want to feel all of these emotions leaving and entering home daily?? The other primary colors in the room will be white with a pop of black.


The transformation of the room for tradesmen work will take about three to four full days for paint, lighting install, and wallpaper (still TBD). None of the work can start until the flooring arrives, which is expected in 7 to 10 days. For perspective:

There will be demolition work to remove the current floor, relocation of the water lines/ drain reconfiguration, then new flooring. Time isn't on my side personally, considering that 10 days from now I should be on vacation in another country, in another time zone. This said, everything needed remaining will need to be ordered this week for work to start by the end of the week that I return home. That should be week six by then. EEK!


Purchases for items already selected and sourcing a few details to complete the room will occupy most of my time dedicated to the project this week. Below is a mood board of some of my favorite basket, decor accessories, and benches to add to the mud room mood board shared in week two's blog post. Although there won't be a hamper basket at all times in the room, we do have a laundry shoot that could be fun to use at some point. I may have mentioned the laundry shoot in week one. I decided to keep it for now since it's not impeding much and doesn't interfere with anything planned (as of now). FYI for those newer to my home project sharing, all sources will be shared at the end in week seven and eight.

Made a few tweaks to my timeline to be as realistic as possible. Still looks solid to finish on time. Stay tuned for more to come as we approach the halfway mark in week four!


Week One- Design Development

Week Two- Mood Board PRESO (on the blog & IG)

Week Three- Washer & Dryer both delivered and Flooring ordered

Week Four- Sourcing & Purchasing continued📍

Week Five- Awaiting Deliveries + Vacation Break

Week Six- Tradesmen for floors and lighting

(this will not be all DIY)

Week Seven-  Install shelving and furnishing/decor

Week Eight- Styling & Photos and Reveal

Be sure to follow along on Instagram and check out my fellow participants on the main One Room Challenge blog. Stay tuned for more to come. Special thanks to Linda Weinstein, the ORC host and media partners Apartment Therapy.



"A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another; as I have loved you, that you also love one another." -Living Word

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