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Interior Styling, Top 3 Must Haves

In every project we believe decor details must include color, pattern play, and texture.

Primary Suite Bath RENO


When styling spaces like bedrooms and living rooms, it's not hard to express the aesthetic mood with use of texture. Use of pillows, throws, and drapery can cover this easily. However in spaces like bathrooms and powder rooms it may not be so easy. Yet we believe it is still quite necessary. Personally, my aesthetic love runs deep for neutral palettes. When we're styling for clients of course we appeal to their aesthetic preferences. It's our job to defer to our design expertise by incorporating the necessary styling components while maintaining the client's request at top of mind.

Let's look closer at the detail shot above from one of our recent projects; a primary bathroom we renovated. Our client requested a modern bathroom with black hardware and black and white palette overall. We were granted creative freedom for the design; a flex. Immediately I knew marble would be involved to tie in the black and white tile and black hardware. Not only do I just LOVE all things marble, it adds a touch of luxe complimenting the soaker tub we installed. The vanity is gray, which is a neutral that's almost muted in this bathroom intentionally. So, texture was added using wash cloths and loofah on the vanity top, additional cloths and towels under the vanity and on the bench; as well as the back brush. Very simple, but very necessary.

Primary Suite Bath RENO


Pattern play is fun, risky at times, and truly adds an element of surprise in design. This dining room we re-styled for one of our clients at the top of 2021 illustrates all of the above. The furniture and white were existing. We layered the space by adding the gray and yellow/gold rug for pattern play with the hide. The wallpaper mural took hours to scale properly to ensure we got it right, because the goal was to show the huge flowers as much as possible taking the windows and fireplace into consideration. The 9ft blush pink sofa speaks for itself. Tufted fabric is a pattern in itself. Photos could never really do justice to how beautiful this space looks in person. This is one of two rooms we worked in for this project, and it was pure joy to design with a client who loves every element in styling as much as we do. Alignment!

Dining Room Re-Styled


While I have self identified that my personal favorite color palette includes minimal color at home, there are spaces I live out my colorful dreams; my walk in wardrobe room, family room, and our design firm office HQ with plants and pops of color through the wall art, accessories, books, and plants. Let's rewind back to the primary bathroom for a moment. The black faucets, door handles, and shower floor & niche tile all most certainly add color. But; styling with the brown soap dispensers, stool & bamboo bath mat, floor plant, and greenery vase on the vanity top were all strategic to add additional color. These items also totally cover the details needed to help create tranquility. Spa vibes. Again, simple right?!

Primary Suite Bath RENO

Primary Suite Bath RENO

Our Design Firm Office HQ

By now you have the concept and vision. Design details that help tell a story. This is what styling executes with our top three must haves; color, pattern, and texture. The two projects selected to support our top three must haves were intended to demonstrate how the use of these components was accomplished in a subtle manor and in pushing the design envelope. Our client love the dining room and the word that resonated most when she walked in was "stately". Mission accomplished there! Another reminder is to trust your own taste as a designer or in DIY instances for your home style. I was not certain if our client would see the vision for the gray and yellow/gold rug, but I went for it anyway. She selected the blush pink prior to hiring us, so my job was to add another element with pattern to her creativity. The additional color with the yellow/gold in the rug was an unexpected bonus. The primary bath styling was planned during design phase. That vision was plain starting at consolation when our client said she wanted to bed and bath oasis. Immediately I envisioned pops of green with use of plants and the texture with the towels and bamboo bath mat. Our client loved the bath RENO, as well as her bedroom attached that was also renovated. A win here!

In home share posts our followers on Instagram have viewed my creative color "plot twist" introduced to my neutral home palette with the wallpaper topped with a black ceiling in the wardrobe room. No one regret. Getting out of my neutral comfort zone at home has been so fun. I cannot wait to dig my heels in our next home project, and I plan to share it all.

Interior design and decor is personal. Our personality and lifestyle should be reflected accordingly. It's our story we're telling through our style and the environment we should be creating to shape how we feel in these spaces we're dwelling in. Yes, there are some rules, but weren't they created to be broken sometimes? It's your home, your rules.

If this blog post inspired you in any way, please let us know in comments or share a photo in our DM anytime on our Instagram page. We'd love to see and hear it. Stay healthy and dwell well this summer!

"Let all that you do be done with love."- Bible

XO, Kelly

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