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Home and Redefining How You Home


At week six of quarantine and working from home life, like many of you I’ve figured out what I love most and least about my home. From Netflixing myself to an oblivion in my living room to painting the vent that drove me nuts for the last year, I must say it’s been productive indoor time here. Purging my closet and drawers done. Donated items done. Purging decor, put a nice dent in that. Even had a private virtual garage sale of decor items gently used, previously not used in projects, and other brand new items I haven’t been able to return while stores have bern closed. Oh and let me not discount the gardening project completed. Big gains!!

As we approach the reopening of the world are we ready to come out of home? Our safe havens we’ve been comfy and cozy in. I for one am not. Not just yet. I still have a few more projects to tackle! I need the air quality tested, more sun to kill off the germs, and plenty of vitamin D soaked in from sitting on my deck. Also I actually love being home.


If you work from home like I do, you’ve probably relocated your office space or at least rearranged it. If not, how many days did it take you to figure out the dining room table or living room was a great escape some days? Also wondering, have Mondays felt the same? Well, if you’ve always worked from home maybe this doesn’t apply. I typically work from home about 90% of the time. Mondays used to be ‘in-office’ days for team and staff meetings. Now they’re still happening via Skype and sometimes in PJs. I know I’m not the only one! Let me not even mention how Zoom has become the new way to have happy hour.

So, besides work/life balance impacts I have to wonder how many of you still like your home spaces. If nothing else, by now there are some areas that now need to be more comfortable, more functional, or just totally transformed. Covid19 taught us allot. How to sit still, how to live without the extra spending recreationally, and simply; how to home. And considering it is expected we may face this time being extended or revisited next flu season we should be ready to stay home again if needed. That said, now is the time for redefining home.


First things first. What room have you & your family spent the most time in daily? If you’ve all been in different rooms write those on your list respectively for each person. Next, how readily functional has the space been? If not so much, the items needed to improve should be on your must have list. Oh that’s a separate list. Before you worry about affordability, remember just about anything can be achieved with proper planning and budgeting. After your must have list, create your wish list. We should have some things we love in our environment besides the necessities.

Following making your lists we just talked about, check your outdoor living spaces. If you have back or front yards, steps, decks; they have probably been your saving grace on warm sunny days. Make a list for these spaces too. As the world is opening back up, take baby steps and enjoy some fresh air in your private outdoor spaces. Simple things like plants and chair cushions are easy items to spruce things up for now into summer. Light up the grill for outdoor cooking while you’re at it. I’m sure we’re now worn out from cooking in the kitchen. I am!

Perhaps you’re one who doesn’t want to change a single thing. At the very least we all have a different appreciation for being at home by now.

The goal here is to make note of how well you have or have not enjoyed your home during this stillness. Then make necessary changes for whatever life and 2020 will bring us next. Most importantly take your time easing back into the outside elements and please, stay safe.

P.S. Check out a couple of links to help with 50 affordable ideas on redecorating and 20 work from home tips!!

“I am still confident of this: I will see the goodness of the LORD in the land of the living.” -Bible

XOXO Kelly

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