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End This Year on a High Note

So it's December 1st, and 30 days in 2019 left to reflect, reset, and plan for the new year. Being a planner of all things possible to plan; I have been found guilty in planning so much, that time has often not been taken to live in the moment. If you're a design or any industry business owner I'm sure you can relate from a business perspective. I am going to share a few ways to help end this year on a high note.

REFLECT- Where did you begin in January vs. where your are today?

What went well, not so well, and what lessons did you take note from? That was a loaded question, yes I know. It's important to reflect on what we've experienced and 'grown'

through to not just avoid repeating mistakes; but to take time to appreciate and celebrate yourself. YES, you deserve a celebration for taking the leap of faith and showing up for your business daily this year! (Insert self applause)

RESET- Pause, enjoy the remaining holiday season, inhale, and exhale. LIVE in this moment.

This is pivotal. Hitting the control-alt-delete is how we recharge and remove the kinks. Personal mental health is vital to being successful. Organized chaos is how some of us may function at times, but that will only last but so long (been there and revisit at times). So whether it' a spa day, time off, or even a dreaded sit down with your expenses getting reconciled; take the time to do this. All of it.

PLAN- My favorite thing to do. Although, it's all good until it's time to work this plan!

Get those new planners/new electronic notebooks ready for all of your amazing ideas of what's next for your business, goals, and the steps needed to make it all happen. But wait. Let's make sure the goals align with your business plan (or adjust that accordingly), and make sure your goals are realistic yet they scare you a little. Be encouraged to stretch yourself and step out of those boring comfort zones; no judgement, we all have some.

Since plans come with goals, and goals come with action items, this one called for a little extra writing. Remember this is hard work, but it's a fact that hard work pays off. I want to personally encourage you to walk in faith along with all your hard work. And please, do not waste any time overthinking or being hard on yourself for any goals missed this year. Keep them on your list for 2020, because Lord knows I have a couple on my list from a year I'll fail to mention! The point is do not give up, "the race is not won by the swift"-Bible

The plans you have probably just scratch the surface on the bigger plans that God has for you!! XOXO- Kelly, PTD

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