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Dwelling and Living Well, Forever Trends


Top on my list is simply wellness at home. The pandemic taught us, and now that the world has opened all the way up statistics show we have taken heed to the lesson. Many of us have spent more time at home over the last two years than ever before. Wellness at home and self care have become so relevant that it’s almost all we read about on social media posts, blogs, and commercials. Simply put; how we dwell matters and how we feel in the said dwelling matters even more. How have we addressed this uptick? Personally, I now have more plants in my home than ever for starters. Fresh flowers have always been a thing, and they’re still in rotation. As some of you may know I’ve completed four home projects since quarantine, two of which were shared for the One Room Challenge for Spring and Fall 2020. Oh by the way, home projects became the answer to said wellness at home. We have all figured out after spending so much time at home it became essential to have well designed spaces more than a luxury service for many.

So, what’s trending at home that promotes wellness?? Spaces that are calming, nature inspired, and functional. Increased technology at home is also on trend. You may be thinking these trends aren’t new. And you’re correct. Back in 2019 ADPRO published an article about how the wellness industry meant big business for Designers & Architects; “Designing for wellness is a $134 billion-and-growing field and is good for more than our collective health”.

That said, this is a trend that’s becoming more of a timeless lifestyle change that’s here to stay. Lighting and colors are also two of the top among considerations in professional interior design that also promote wellness. Colors like green and blue are relaxing while yellow and pink are known for being happy colors, for an exampl. A few other wellness design trends at home include more non-traditional layouts, gathering spaces, and overall livable luxury. Let me unpack what all three of these mean for those who aren’t familiar.

Non-Traditional Layout; A dining room that has a home office in the mix or a sofa added for additional seating to promote longer time being spent after dinner while entertaining. We actually added a 9ft sofa to one of our client’s dining space at the top of 2021. My heart is still full from seeing their family gathering in that space for Thanksgiving back in the fall. Yes we follow our clients and watch their stories. Because relationships! But that’s for another post!! We sourced wallpaper and lighting for another client’s cigar space, hence a gathering space. Livable luxury may be the hardest to describe, but here’s my attempt:

Beautiful furniture giving luxe that the family actually sits on, in a well designed space intended to be lived in respectfully; yet it’s still stunning. How many times have we seen “formal living rooms” with either plastic on the furniture (old school) or that no one is allowed to even sit it. Well, nowadays we’ve figured out that not only do we deserve luxury but we can attain it and should indulge in it at home. I call it, enjoying the fruits of your labor. We’re not out here on earth working to just stack money and pay bills right?!


Focus on Self Care, because we’re seeing it up and down our timelines daily. Sound familiar? It should, because I just illustrated this focus for wellness at home. It’s totally parallel with lifestyle & fashion. Why and how Kelly? Let’s discuss it. Because life. Life overall is at an all time high for stress. We’re in a pandemic, loved ones lost, ongoing struggles for black lives mattering & equal rights issues, and now war. While all of this is going on we’re expected to “go back to normal” or adjust to a “new normal”. Dealing with such heaviness, loving home and taking care of ourselves is paramount.

A few lifestyle trends, also know as self care include healthier eating, sobering up (drinking less alcohol), exercise outside or at home with trainers virtually, and the way we dress. Dressing down with high end sneakers with baggy sweats is one example of what’s on trend that feels good and looks good in the fashion world. Simplicity with no fuss in every way is the trend. And this can still be done at home and with our living & dressing with luxury in mind. If you don’t dress cheap or wear cheap clothing and shoes, why would you invest less in the place you dwell & spend time in the most. This is why the two have both been discussed here; wellness at home should be just as important as one’s lifestyle of dress and living. For those who feel that it’s not affordable, we know this is totally subjective and depends on what you consider expensive. Keep in mind, luxury does not mean costly. It means quality. It means by definition the state of great comfort and extravagant living. I don’t know about you but great comfort sounds extravagant to me!


Next I’m sharing a few of my personal home and lifestyle forever trends that I hold true to. Some have been a thing for years and a few started over the past few years. Top tier flex for me is a monthly massage. Next to this would be booking flights to travel whenever possible. Simple things for lifestyle wellness are binge watching shows or playing games to escape day to day stress. For home wellness having a cleaning lady in rotation is first on the list. Keeping fresh flowers in the house and plants add happiness, tranquility, and a splash of color to the neutral decor throughout. These are all some things that make my lifestyle feel like luxury. The way I feel and how home feels will forever surpass having every room look perfect or how I dress up or down.

To wrap up I want to remind you of a few things to consider about wellness at home and with lifestyle. Trends are nice, but your personal styles are forever trends. However, home should just make you feel good. And the truth is our environment, what we see around us is mentally impactful; good or bad. If changes are needed make them. Start with one project at a time. The same applies to your lifestyle from what you do, where you travel, to what you wear. If heels don’t make me feel good, I don’t wear them. Start with one area at a time if changes are needed. Ending Q1 with a new season ahead is the perfect time to start. Perhaps with spring cleaning. I’ll leave you with articles for spring cleaning and lifestyle wellness tips for motivation. Happy spring and cheers to the start of Q2!

“For I know the plans I have for you; plans to to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and future”…

“Everyone has a place to rest, a right to ownership, safety, and abundance”…


XO, Kelly

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