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Our Design Process 

1- Discovery Call 

All projects start with a complimentary discovery call to give an opportunity for questions while we will learn about your project.

2- Consultation

Once discovery call is completed, invoicing is sent to proceed with scheduling consultation.

Consultation is an in person meeting that lasts 60-90 minutes. We will survey your space and provide a comprehensive overview of our process details. We will talk about your aesthetic style, what you envision for your space, and the desired timeframe for project start. 

3- Onboarding/ Project Kick-off

This phase is your official welcome onboard. Onboarding begins upon proposal acceptance, design fee paid, and signing of contract. During this phase time is scheduled for any additional measurements and photos needed of the existing space. All project details are reviewed to ensure everything is all set to be uploaded in our system. Onboarding phase is approximately 5-10 days. To conclude onboarding, a project kick-off meeting is scheduled via in person or via phone.

4- Design Development

Now the fun begins. Design development is the time we're taking everything we've learned about your lifestyle and aesthetic goals to develop the design concept. Presentation, approval, and purchasing budget are all secured to move forward. Design phase is an average of 4-6 weeks depending on the scope and number of spaces. 


5- Purchasing & Procurement 

We're in the thick of it now. Making purchases, tracking and receiving smaller deliveries, confirming larger delivery logistics, managing storage of items via receivership and or direct shipments, and tracking budget. Items received are inspected as they're received for any possible damage. At this time styling accessories are also now being sourced while the assessing of any changes in product availability are being tracked. Communication during this phase is typically weekly with updates and calls scheduled as needed. This phase in our process timeframe is beyond our control and subject to industry supply and demand impacts, shipment delays, and any back-orders.

6-Construction/Tradesman Work

While Purchases are happening this phase most likely has begun simultaneously or the tradespersons required to complete their respective work. If the project includes full renovation, this phase is kicked off by scheduling trade day for contractor bids. If there is no renovation, we are utilizing our preferred professional trades resources that have been vetted. Time needed for this phase will vary depending on scope of work and contractor/trade schedules. *Tradespeople are skilled professionals with specialized training in skills for a specific type of work such as carpenters, painters, and wallpaper hangers just to name a few.

7- Installation & Photos

Installation may be done in phases in various projects. Ideally for one space install is one full day. Completion in phases or multiple days normally applies to turn-key residential and commercial project where existing space is empty. Final install dates are initially estimated. Once all furniture and products are received, final install day is scheduled. Professional photos are taken on install days prior to the reveal in most scenarios. Scheduling photos can be for after our install is over if there are trade punch list items remaining, etc. The biggest and most anticipated moment is finally here at the end of this phase. Reveal!

FAQ  "How soon can it be done"??

Full design projects on average take 4-6 months. Projects wit multiple moving parts like custom upholstery, custom window treatments, or any trade work delays may be impacts to finalizing your project. Renovation projects can take longer. The extended timeframes are not happening in every project, however it's important to us that our clients receive the utmost transparency while having patience to know we have their best interest on the forefront to get things done as timely as possible.

It's also important to note that outside of a pandemic world, interior design is not intended to be expedited. Curating a space with a thoughtful approach takes time. Three words: Worth the wait!

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